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Chaos Chapter 5
zone: Ostland

Chaos Chapter 5 Destruction Storyline

Into the Shadows

location: Ferlangen, Ostland

npc: Turaanos

zone: Ostland

Public Quest: Bells of War

Public Quest: Krul'Gor Herd

Public Quest: Spirits of the Shadow

previous chapter is: Proving Ground

next chapter is: A Channeler of Daemons

Chapter Lore: Turaanos looked on as his small band of warriors fought with the pack of Dryads that had ambushed the group only moments ago. With a shriek, one of the spindly-limbed tree-creatures launched itself toward the Sorcerer, Korim. The young adept sidestepped a vicious swipe by the long, jagged claws of his enemy, then turned and spoke words of power. A bolt of blue flame leapt from his fingertips and incinerated the wood spirit where it stood. A moment later, the jagged-edged broadsword of one of the Marauders cleaved a second Dryad in half.

Soon afterward, when the last of the creatures had been dispatched, the party rested. Turaanos took the opportunity to address his charges.

"You fought well, and you have earned the favor of the Raven God. Victory shall not be your only reward. Now that you have proven yourselves worthy of my trust, I will share with you some knowledge of our task."

The group stopped cleaning their weapons and tending to their wounds, and listened with rapt attention as their leader continued.

"There is more to our invasion than you know. There is a greater plan that the simple conquest of the men and their lands."

Here, Turaanos paused, so that could be sure each of his recruits was listening carefully.

"We have come here, to the Forest of Shadows, to search for an artifact of power. It is known as the Darkflame Scepter, and it is possessed by a powerful Shaman of the Beastmen. Lord Tchar'zanek requires this item, so we will take it, and we will slay any creature that stands in our way."

His men nodded their acknowledgement, but none spoke or questioned the details of the plan. Excellent, Turaanos thought to himself. They are as obedient as they are lethal.

"The territory of the Beastmen is great, and it will take some work to find one Shaman among their numbers. Make camp and rest - tomorrow we begin our search."

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