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Chaos Chapter 6

Chaos Chapter 6 Destruction Storyline

A Channeler of Daemons

location: Felde, Troll Country

npc: Gunvor

zone: Troll Country

Public Quest: Reaper's Circle

Public Quest: Silkens

Public Quest: Wayshrine of Sigmar

previous chapter is: Into the Shadows

next chapter is: Conflict

Chapter Lore: Urzula surveyed the assembled company of warriors, Sorcerers, Zealots and other members of the Raven Host. They were a formidable army to look upon, of that there was no doubt. These were the fiercest, deadliest, most devoted and fanatical servants of Lord Tchar'zanek, and so it was they who received the most important tasks and missions.

When Urzula opened her mouth and spoke, the voice that came forth was not her own. The sound was that of a chorus of voices, some male and some female, and all brimming with otherworldly power. This was the voice of Z'malek who was also called the Plotter and the Dark Watcher. Z'malek was a servant of Tzeentch, and one of the many such creatures who inhabited Urzula's body, for she was a Magus, a channeller of Daemons.

"Here me mortals! Our search for the Darkfire Scepter is in danger. An army of men approaches from the north, and we must meet them in battle, or be destroyed. Conquer our foes, and then we will be free to hunt for the Beastman who carries the scepter. Our agents know that the scepter is close at hand, and it will be found, but first we must bring pain and death to these feeble mortals who stand against the Changer of Ways. Go now, and please my lord with the conquest of our enemies."

Urzula collapsed to her knees, exhausted. The effort of channeling such a powerful entity had left her spent. Several of her attendants rushed to her side and helping her slowly to her feet. She was only dimly aware that all around her, the warriors of the Raven Host were making hurried preparations.

As she rested, Urzula recalled the Daemon's words. An army of the Empire was approaching from the north. The search for the Darkfire Scepter had been of paramount importance - if the Daemon had called off the search, then the threat must be grave indeed."

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