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Chaos Warcamp
zone: Ostland

Chaos Warcamp Destruction Storyline


location: Raven's Edge, Ostland

npc: Zaccur the Despised

zone: Ostland

Objective: Monastery of Morr

Objective: Ruins of Greystone Keep

Objective: Kinshel's Stronghold

Objective: Crypt of Weapons

Objective: Mandred's Hold

Objective: Stonetroll Keep

previous chapter is: A Channeler of Daemons

next chapter is: The Darkfire Scepter

Chapter Lore: Zealot Ezel cast a sardonic eye towards Zaccur as the Chaos Warrior launched into yet another tirade about his plan to drive the so-called Empire out of Raven's Edge Woods.

Ezel interrupted, "Perhaps, if you weren't so concerned with waiting for the 'proper' signs from the Raven God, you could seize the opportunity he's granted you to slaughter the sheep that he's led to your very doorstep." Ezel silenced Zaccur's response with a look. "The Raven God has already given you your sign, fool. While you prance around here, preening like a peacock and looking for your omen from the Raven God, he's drawn the Empire men within striking distance of our forces. Only the Raven God could manipulate them into defending this worthless forest when they'd be better suited holing up in their towns and building proper defenses." Ezel stared at Zaccur hard, "Could it be that you're afraid?"

"Afraid? Of the weak-willed southerners?" Zaccur spat angrily as if the saying of the word left a bitter taste in his mouth. "I know my role in the Raven God's plan. How dare you question me." Zaccur's hand flew to the pommel of the axe at his waist.

"We're well past the part where I question your motives. I'm now questioning your backbone." Ezel's hand also found its way to the weapon at his hip.

"We all know how well it went the last time you tried to take me...Zealot." Zaccur said the last word as if it were an insult. "I won't leave you alive to serve me this time."

"I don't serve you. I serve only myself. The Raven God rewards those who act with power and glory. You've thrown his gifts away in your lethargy and that is why you shall never be His chosen."

As the two warriors sized each other up, a sentry ran into the tent. "Masters! The pickets report a troop of militia approaching from the east."

Zaccur was the first to speak, "It seems the Raven God wishes you to live. I would have struck you down."

"This is not over, Zaccur." Then Ezel muttered under his breath, "Not by a long shot."

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