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Chaos Chapter 7
zone: Ostland

Chaos Chapter 7 Destruction Storyline

The Darkfire Scepter

location: Kournos' Encampment, Ostland

npc: Kournar

zone: Ostland

Public Quest: Bog Hunters

Public Quest: Griffon Outpost

Public Quest: Ragash's Last Stand

previous chapter is: Conflict

next chapter is: The Soulblight Stone

Chapter Lore: "We are almost upon them!" cried Kournar the Chosen, spurring his mount into a full gallop. Ahead, the Beastmen scattered and ran for the cover of the forest. At their lead was Ragash Bloody-Horns, and he held in his clawed hand the Darkfire Scepter. Behind him, Kournar's warriors ran at a full charge, their eyes filled with bloodlust. After weeks of searching, the artifact was finally within reach.

The ground exploded with a thunderous noise. Earth showered down upon the Northmen of the Raven Host, and they stumbled to a halt, confused. A series of booming sounds followed a moment later. Kournar wheeled his steed around to face his warriors.

"Cannon fire! It's the Empire! Take cover!"

As if in answer, the earth ripped apart once more, sending several of the men flying into the air. A cannon ball struck a Zealot in the chest, killing him instantly.

The warriors turned and ran for the treeline behind them. Kournar screamed a curse at the heavens and rode on behind them. The Darkfire Scepter had nearly been his, but now the Beastmen had escaped. As he drew near the cover of the trees, Kournar strained to see who was firing on his band. South, the land sloped down to a large forest. This he knew to be the Raven's Edge Wood.

Some distance away, in the center of the forest, a tall fort rose up from the mist. The walls were lined with cannons pointing in all directions. The crewmen wore tunics of black and white that featured the device of a Griffon upon the chest. Kournar spat. The Order of the Griffon had hounded the warhost at every step since they first invaded the Empire. Their deaths would be slow and filled with agony.

As the Chaos tribesmen rode into the dense pines, Kournar swung his great sword in frustration, felling a small tree. He would deal with these men of the Empire, then he would claim the scepter for Lord Tchar'zanek.

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