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Chaos Chapter 8

Chaos Chapter 8 Destruction Storyline

The Soulblight Stone

location: Trovolek, Troll Country

npc: Halza

zone: Troll Country

Public Quest: Lursa's Blight

Public Quest: Plaguewood Thicket

Public Quest: Trovolek

previous chapter is: The Darkfire Scepter

next chapter is: The Belly of the Beast

Chapter Lore: As he gave the order to attack, Bjarne reached towards his throat and cradled the Soulblight Stone. He'd secured the artifact there with a simple lanyard after taking it from the Plaguelord and his strange retinue. They had called themselves the Carnival of Despair, and all of them worshipped the Lord of Disease. Bjarne had wounded their leader and taken the stone, but he found himself so captivated by its power, he foolishly allowed the cultists and their leader to escape.

Bjarne let the warm malevolence of the stone's power wash over him, taking comfort in its reassuring weight. He watched as the Raven Host warriors under his command battled the pack of Trolls that had tried to attack their camp under cover of darkness. Between the cultists of the Carnival and the innumerable Trolls, it would be no small feat getting the Soulblight Stone safely back to Tchar'zanek.

Or should he return it? Perhaps with the power of the stone, he could become a mighty Champion as Tchar'zanek had done. He could see himself at the head of a great army, laying waste to all who opposed him. Too late, Bjarne woke from his daydream to see his men shouting and pointing in his direction. The Sorcerer was lifted into the air and stuffed into the maw of a huge Troll that had crept up behind him.

Halza, strongest and swiftest among all of Bjarne's warriors, watched as the large Troll stalked into the forest, bits of Bjarne's robe still caught in its teeth. The rest of the Trolls followed behind, having had enough of the battle for now.

She took stock of her band of warriors. Her men were wounded and in need of rest. She would need help gathering medicinal herbs from the dangerous terrain around the camp, but for now, she wanted only a few hours' sleep. Rising to her feet, Halza addressed her warriors.

"I am the leader now," said Halza with a commanding tone. "Tomorrow we will hunt for this Troll, and when we find him, we will pry open his belly and retrieve the stone. For now, we rest."

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