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Chaos Chapter 9

Chaos Chapter 9 Destruction Storyline

The Belly of the Beast

location: Trollhaugen, Troll Country

npc: Yggdren

zone: Troll Country

Public Quest: Plague Altar

Public Quest: The Blightstone Trolls

Public Quest: Tearing the Portal

previous chapter is: The Soulblight Stone

next chapter is: Enemy Territory

Chapter Lore: The fear was palpable. It washed over the small band of Marauders in a flood of cold sweat and soured adrenaline. The Chaos Troll was getting closer to their hiding place, and they would soon need to make their stand. Gunnar and his men were exhausted and they could no longer run from the beast.

Gunnar and his band of Raven Host warriors had come to Troll Country in search of the Soulblight Stone, an artifact of dark power that Lord Tchar'zanek desired to possess. The Champion required the stone to enact a plan; what that plan was, only a few truly knew, but the whispers about the camp spoke of a mighty and terrible feat of magic that would forever seal the fate of the Empire.

The search had been fraught with hardships. The Raven Host warriors had made their camp near Gnashpoint Ridge and had been fending off attacks from Rotbeak Eagles ever since. Trolls and Giants had visited the camp looking for an easy meal, and for every one the northmen killed, two more seemed to take its place. The hunting was scarce, as was good wood for the shelters and the fires to ward against the bitter cold.

The most dangerous enemy the band faced, however, was the Chaos Troll. The leader of the previous expedition was a Shaman named Bjarne. He had found the Soulblight Stone, but he'd unwisely decided to keep it for himself. Bjarne, still wearing the stone, had been eaten by a Troll, and the power of the profane artifact had mutated the creature into a terrifying, disease-ridden monster of unnatural strength.

Gunnar readied his sword. Several of his companions nervously gripped makeshift torches in their off hands instead of shields. After all, a shield wasn't going to amount for much against a beast that could vomit acid. Their best bet was to drag the thing down like rats. Sure, most of them would die, but if enough of them survived the first attack, they might be able to bring the beast down.

Soon, one way or another, it would be over.

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