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Chaos Chapter 10

Chaos Chapter 10 Destruction Storyline

Enemy Territory

location: Goblin's Head Coaching Inn, Talabecland

npc: Vul'toren

zone: Talabecland

Public Quest: Mudflats

Public Quest: Steinbruck Manor

Public Quest: Suderheim

previous chapter is: The Belly of the Beast

next chapter is: Visions in Flame

Chapter Lore: Lodwig Hefer wiped sweat from his brow and called out to see how many of his men had survived. At his feet lay the bloody corpses of several of the grotesque creatures that had ambushed Hefer's regiment.

Perhaps a dozen soldiers answered - less than half the original force. Hefer waved the survivors over.

"First, we bury the dead. Then, we'll return to Suderheim. There is some evil at work here, and we must tell the Sherrif. Once we're gone, there will be precious few souls left to protect the village."

One of the men cast a wary eye to the east. "It's the Kreuger estate, sir. I'll wager every Crown in me coin purse on it. Folk say there've been strange goin's on up there."

A low rumble of thunder in the north broke the uneasy silence that followed.

"Sir? Who's that riding down the road toward us?" Hefer turned to see what his soldier was talking about. His heart sank when he beheld the column of Northmen bearing the banner of Tchar'zanek.

"The Raven Host," he answered grimly. "Make peace with your gods, men. Let's go down fighting."

* * *

Vul'toren cleaned blood from his blade and studied the corpses strewn about on the ground. The men of the Empire had fought bravely, but they were clearly exhausted. He guessed that they had only just driven off the Chaos Spawn, which would account for the unburied dead.

"Hang the bodies from the trees. Let the people of the Empire know that the Raven God is coming."

While his warriors began to gather to corpses, he unrolled a map etched on deerskin. The Corruptor's Crown should be very close now, hidden in a mausoleum. The sight of the Chaos Spawn troubled him, however. The power of the Dark Prince was strong here, which he had not been expecting.

Had the Crown already been claimed? If so, the Raven Host would be in for a fight. They were deep in enemy territory, far from the warhost and from any reinforcement. And, Vul'toren reminded himself, the Dark Gods did not give up their treasures easily.

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