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Chaos Chapter 11

Chaos Chapter 11 Destruction Storyline

Visions in Flame

location: Witches' Hollow, Talabecland

npc: Arinbjorn

zone: Talabecland

Public Quest: Army of Faith

Public Quest: Knightly Riders

Public Quest: Serpent's Fang

previous chapter is: Enemy Territory

next chapter is: An Old Plot Ends, a New One Begins

Chapter Lore: Jorana waved her arms, and orange flames leapt from the earth at her feet, surrounding her. Within the fire, visions flickered and danced. Ranks of soldiers clad in white, black and gold marched in a long column beneath a standard bearing a black griffon.

All about her, warriors of the Raven Host clashed with a band of brigands. It was the bandits' leader who had taken the Corruptor's Crown, only weeks before the Raven Host had infiltrated Talabecland to claim it for their champion. Now, matters would be complicated even further.

Jorana shouted above the cacophony of battle. "Warriors of the Raven Host, make haste! The Empire is coming!"

Recognizing her as the leader, two of the brigands drew near, swords at the ready. Jorana was clad only in the robes of a Sorceress, but the thieves, sensing her power, moved cautiously. The young, raven-haired Sorcereess spoke an incantation and the orange flames deepened to red, then leapt forth, striking each of the thugs in the face. They fell back, screaming in agony and clawing at their scorched eyes.

The rest of the Raven Host warriors, having heard Jorana's warning, redoubled their efforts. It was not long before the bandits fled into the woods.

Arinbjorn, senior among the warriors, approached and removed his helmet, revealing a long, gray beard and a scarred face.

"Who comes?"

'The Order of the Griffon," answered Jorana.

"It was only a matter of time before they discovered us," answered the old barbarian quietly. Turning to address his fighters, he raised his voice. "The Empire sends it finest swords against us. So be it! The sacrificial altars will be piled high with the corpses of our foes. The Raven God will be pleased!"

Jorana placed a hand on the old warrior's shoulder. "Time is short, and our enemies multiply by the day. We must find the leader of these brigands and learn what has become of the Crown."

Arinbjorn nodded, and set about forming a search party. With Jorana's witchsight, it was only a matter of time before the bandits' lair was found. When it was, they would be shown no mercy.

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