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Chaos Warcamp

Chaos Warcamp Destruction Storyline

An Old Plot Ends, a New One Begins

location: Hellfang Ridge, Talabecland

npc: Telva Silverwheel

zone: Talabecland

Objective: Thieves' Gate

Objective: Verentane's Keep

Objective: Hallenfurt Manor

Objective: Feiten's Lock

Objective: Ogrund's Tavern

Objective: Stoneclaw Castle

Objective: Passwatch Castle

Objective: Stoneclaw Castle

previous chapter is: Visions in Flame

next chapter is: Standoff

Chapter Lore: Wretched and misguided Zealot! By command of Lord Xyshrenth, I carry out your punishment!

Barmik Olafsson raised his warhammer, and swung it down sharply upon the Zealot's arms as his fellows held him down.

Thorbeck roared himself hoarse as he contended with the pain.

"Let that be a lesson well-learned. Any more tries at harming Lord Xyshrenth, by word, deed, or thought, and I will end you. From this day forth, you will be known as Thorbeck the Deceiver." Barmik shook his head at the Zealot, spat on the ground, and walked away as Dagrun Skydread was finally allowed to come to her consort's side.

"How bad is it?" she hissed, her eyes taking on a dark aspect.

"Bad enough," Thorbeck gulped.

"You should never have made your move without using trusted men!" she snarled, touching his broken arms. His roar of agony stopped her at once.

"No choice," Thorbeck replied, though his teeth ground together painfully from the pain. "It was ordained by the Changer."

"If the time to strike was so ordained, then so was this outcome! What use are you now, with arms crushed?"

"This was your idea to begin with! I was content to cope with my visions of Verentane Keep, and of its glorious capture."

"Fool!" Dagrun snapped. What now? She considered her options anew. Thorbeck, now useless, would soon enough find himself on a funeral pyre, and she would see that happen. The possibility that something profoundly useful might be found at Verentane Keep, however, caused her to stay her hand, for now.

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