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Chaos Chapter 12

Chaos Chapter 12 Destruction Storyline


location: Volgen, Talabecland

npc: Ulvarin

zone: Talabecland

Public Quest: Kruegerhaus

Public Quest: Bitterspring

Public Quest: Village Vermin

previous chapter is: An Old Plot Ends, a New One Begins

next chapter is: The Prisoner

Chapter Lore: "For the Raven god!" cried Ulvarin as he charged at Lady Kreuger, his huge, serrated sword pointed at her heart. Before he could reach her, three lithe and nimble maidens leapt out from the fray, interposing themselves between the hulking Chaos warrior and his target.

Ulvarin knew these maidens well. They were the daughters of Lady Kreuger, and like their mother, were willing servants of Slaanesh, the Dark Prince. Their slender, beautiful bodies hid an unnatural strength, and they quickly drove Ulvarin back.

Every attempt by his men to claim the Corruptor's Crown had met with the same result. None could get near Lady Kreuger, and now, once again, her minions were staving off an attack from Ulvarin's band.

The stiff opposition was unexpected. The Warhost's spies in the Empire assured Lord Tchar'zanek that the Corruptor's Crown was buried in some deep cave in Talabecland, all but forgotten by the people of the Empire. The Champion, wishing to keep secret the true nature of his attack upon the Empire, had dispatched only a small band of Raven Host warriors to retrieve the crown,

In fact, the Corruptor's Crown had come into the possession of Lady Kreuger, who had hired a local gang of bandits to retrieve it for her. The artifact had given Lady great power. When she learned of the Raven Host's plan to take the crown, she had summoned a small army of Daemonettes, Fiends and Chaos Spawn to protect it.

The warriors from the north were hopelessly outnumbered. Worse, the Empire had now discovered their infiltration. Soldiers from the elite Order of the Griffon, had made it their personal mission to expel the Raven Host from Talabecland, and launched daily attacks upon the Raven Host's warcamp.

Reluctantly, Ulvarin sounded the retreat. Tonight, he would send a rider to the main warhost. The time for subtlety and stealth was over. It was time to show Lady Kreuger and her misguided followers the price they would pay for defying the will of the Raven God.

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