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Chaos Chapter 13
zone: High Pass

Chaos Chapter 13 Destruction Storyline

The Prisoner

location: Bloodmarr, High Pass

npc: Urun

zone: High Pass

Public Quest: Guts Out

Public Quest: Keep of Asavar Kul

Public Quest: Tempest Horn

previous chapter is: Standoff

next chapter is: The Sigil of Malice

Chapter Lore: In her years as a Sorceress, Brynja had seen many strange and fearsome creatures with powers both vast and deadly. All paled beside the two beings she now beheld.

The first was a Daemon of Khorne, bound in a circle of magic that she and the other Sorcerers at the Raven Host camp in High Pass had devised. The second was a tall man in a hooded robe known only as "The Whispering Voice," He was Tchar'zanek's chief interrogator, said to speak with the voice of the Great Manipulator himself. The Whispering Voice stood motionless at the edge of the magic circle that bound the Daemon to this place, saying not a word. Night and day, the Daemon howled and screamed in anguish, clearly desperate to be free.

Urun, leader of the Raven Host warriors who guarded the camp, drew near to Brynja and spoke.

"The minions of the Blood God grow bolder with each day. That damnable beacon on the mountain is calling them to this place."

"The Blood God guards his treasure jealously," she answered. "He knows why we have come here, and he knows that we have captured one of his Daemons for questioning. He fears that we will learn where the Sigil of Malice can be found, and he fears what will happen when we acquire it. That is why he sends his legions against us."

Urun grumbled to himself. He did not share the Sorceresses' confidence. "Time is short, Brynja. We cannot wait here forever, and the warriors of the Blood God are not our only concern. The Ogres, Giants, and Trolls watch us every day for any sign of weakness. Our supplies are running short, and the season of storms is nearly upon us."

Brynja answered matter-of-factly. "The Voice will break this Daemon soon, and once we learn the Sigil's resting place no army can keep us from it. The Sigil of Malice is the last of the four relics of power Tchar'zanek requires for his great spell. Soon, the Empire will learn the true nature of our attack, and that truth will freeze the very marrow in their bones."

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