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Chaos Chapter 14
zone: High Pass

Chaos Chapter 14 Destruction Storyline

The Sigil of Malice

location: Jaggedspine Ridge, High Pass

npc: Albodi the Scarred

zone: High Pass

Public Quest: Beacon of Firengrom

Public Quest: Temple of Heimkel

Public Quest: Tower of the Elves

previous chapter is: The Prisoner

next chapter is: Digging into the Past

Chapter Lore: From high atop the wall of his fortress, Naar'kohros the Merciless, Champion of Khorne, watched as his Marauders clashed with the warriors of the Raven Host. The servants of the Changer of Ways had come here to claim his prize, but they would find only bloodshed, pain, and death.

Naar'kohros clutched at the brass medallion that hung from his neck, feeling its power surge through him. Such strength! He must use it!

The Champion leapt down from the high stone wall and charged into the fray alongside a regiment of Bloodletters. Naar'kohros wielded his axe like a butcher, decapitating and maiming all in his path with savage, unrelenting fury. The invading Marauders retreated from the blood-soaked Champion's killing path, making way for the disc-riding Magi of the Raven Host. In a flash, Naar'kohros was engulfed in magical blue fire. The Sigil's power pulsed through him, rendering the arcane flames of the Magi useless.

A horn sounded, and the black-armored warriors of the Raven Host turned and fled. Naar'kohros tore the head from the nearest enemy corpse and held it aloft.

"Blood for the Blood God!" shouted the Champion to his warriors.

"Skulls for the Skull Throne!" they answered.


Hours later, the survivors of the failed attack gathered at their camp. Their leader, Albodi the Scarred, stood before them sword in hand.

"Lord Tchar'zanek does not tolerate failure, and neither do I," said the tall, stern Northman. "Vigrund, your warriors failed to hold the flank. Step forward."

Vigrund had scarcely come within reach of Albodi's weapon when the Chosen thrust his blade through the warrior's chest. Vigrund fell to his knees, gurgling as blood poured from his mouth. He toppled to the ground and lay motionless.

As Albodi pried his sword from Vigrund's chest, he met the eyes of each warrior before him. "We will attack again, and again, until the Sigil of Malice is ours! Go now, and prepare for battle! Fail me again, and your fate will be his!"

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