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Chaos Chapter 15

Chaos Chapter 15 Destruction Storyline

Digging into the Past

location: Deathchill, Chaos Wastes

npc: Larus

zone: Chaos Wastes

Public Quest: Lonely Tower

Public Quest: Reaping Pain

Public Quest: The Storm is Coming

previous chapter is: The Sigil of Malice

next chapter is: The Focus of Evil

Chapter Lore: With a great heave, Larus lifted his massive sword into the air and then brought it crashing down onto the skull of a Wight. The creature's head was sundered into bone fragments by the power of the blow, and the victorious Chosen raised his weapon in the air, roaring in triumph.

The Wights would return soon, as they had done many times, and the crazed Dwarfs of the Grimbeard clan might launch another reckless assault at any time. Larus didn't know where they had come from, but they'd clearly been in the Chaos Wastes for some time, for they had long since gone mad. They attacked any creature that came within sight, and they fought with ferocious strength and tenacity.

Larus scanned the icy wastes that stretched in all directions. All was quiet for now. It was time to return to the work at hand.

Larus had been selected to lead an expedition into the Chaos Wastes. A Chosen warrior of the Raven God, he was more than suited to the task. He was clad from head to toe in enchanted armor and brandished a sword nearly the size of a man.

Under Larus' command, twenty hand-picked warriors and a cadre of Sorcerers ventured north to the Deathchill Glacier, the site of an ancient battle in the first war between Chaos and the Elves. The Elves, unable to kill the leader of the Daemon army, had chosen to sacrifice themselves, summoning a great mountain of ice that had imprisoned the combatants on both sides. It was the Daemon that Tchar'zanek wanted, and his warriors had dug tunnels deep into the glacier to find it.

The Daemon was called Souleater, and through the whisperings of the Raven God, Tchar'zanek had learned that this ancient fiend possessed arcane secrets thought to be lost to the world. Among these was the incantation needed to complete the grand spell that Tchar'zanek had crafted. The spell was the crux of his plan, the true reason for his attack upon the Empire. It only remained to liberate the Daemon from its icy prison, and then bind it to Tchar'zanek's will.

Soon, the entire world would be made the Raven God's domain, and those who served him would be rewarded with power and might beyond imagination.

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