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Chaos Chapter 16

Chaos Chapter 16 Destruction Storyline

To Awaken the Souleater

location: Awakened Tempest, Chaos Wastes

npc: Ydreda

zone: Chaos Wastes

Public Quest: Sands of Time

Public Quest: Fall of Grimclan

Public Quest: The Tower of Awakening

previous chapter is: The Focus of Evil

next chapter is: City Under Siege

Chapter Lore: The night wind howled and shrieked. Tiny pellets of ice stung Ydreda's face as she tried to follow the tracks of the escaped prisoners. It was no use. In an hour's time, the trail would be buried in snow. Enraged, the Magus spun about on her hovering disk, turning to face the soldiers walking behind her. It was they who had been on watch when the men of the Empire escaped.

The Magus called upon the power of the Raven God, and tiny arcs of lightning danced between her fingers. Only the intervention of her personal guards prevented Ydreda from annihilating the entire search party. As if in response to her mood, the wind howled once more, battering the Magus with a gust so strong she nearly lost her balance and fell from her disk.

The Raven God was angry.

Little wonder, thought Ydreda. The ritual to revive the Daemon called Souleater required ten living men, and so she had brought scores of prisoners from the Empire, knowing that not all would survive the journey to the icy north. Last night, most of the prisoners had escaped. Just when the search party located the escapees' trail, a ferocious blizzard had struck.

One of Ydreda's guards clasped her shoulder and shouted. "Magus, we must return to the tower and take shelter!" His words were barely audible above the screaming wind.

Ydreda calmed herself. The prisoners could not survive in the Chaos Wastes for long. They had no food, and were ill-equipped for the weather. Finding them would not be difficult. Finding them alive, on the other hand, was not as certain.

The Magus' thoughts were shattered when, with a great snarling roar, a huge Sabretusk crashed into one of her guards. Cries from the rear of the search party indicated that the creature had not come alone.

Ydreda smiled evilly. At last, she would have a chance to vent her frustration. A moment later, the night was lit by a dazzling display of particolored lightning, followed by the anguished howls of several Sabretusks.

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