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Chaos Chapter 17
zone: Praag

Chaos Chapter 17 Destruction Storyline

City Under Siege

location: Korzah's Assault, Praag

npc: Korzah the Exalted

zone: Praag

Public Quest: Out of the Shadows

Public Quest: Gates of Praag

Public Quest: Sundered Fortress

previous chapter is: To Awaken the Souleater

next chapter is: A Losing Battle

Chapter Lore: Korzah the Exalted raised her sword into the air and cried out "Release the Daemon!"

Behind her, a circle of Magi moved forward, chanting incantations to maintain their binding spell. In the center of their circle was the beautiful High Elf Sorceress Sylvara, host to Souleater, the mighty and ancient Daemon. The Magi ceased their chanting and the Daemonhost rose into the air, arms outstretched.

Korzah could feel the power that emanated from the creature, but she did not fear it. Tchar'zanek had bound the Daemon to his will, and it had never failed to obey a command since.

"What is your bidding?" asked the Daemon.

"Before us lies the city of Praag. We will attack this city, and you will revel in the glory of battle. Take life from those who oppose us, and use it to grow strong. You are of no use to Lord Tchar'zanek unless your powers are at their peak when we arrive in Altdorf."

The Daemonhost nodded and began to float toward the city. Korzah turned to address the black army gathered behind her.

"Begin the siege!"

With a great battle cry, the warriors of the Raven Host charged forward. Behind them, the Hellcannons boomed and shrieked. From the city walls of Praag, the crackling of a hundred handguns sounded, and dozens of the charging Chaos warriors fell.

The Daemonhost looked down, and then waved her hand. The gunners atop the wall burst into blue flame, and ran screaming from the battlements. A second barrage of Hellcannon fire slammed into the city wall, blasting a large hole into it.

Korzah spurred her great black charger forward. Ahead, through the gap in the wall, she could see the city's defenders bracing for the charge. Their eyes were wide with fear, and their hands trembled.

Korzah smiled, enjoying the anticipation of the bloodshed that was only moments away.

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