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Chaos Chapter 18
zone: Praag

Chaos Chapter 18 Destruction Storyline

A Losing Battle

location: Daemonfire, Praag

npc: Exalted Magus Thurik

zone: Praag

Public Quest: Cinderash Enclave

Public Quest: Tomb of Deathsword

Public Quest: Eastern Breach

previous chapter is: City Under Siege

next chapter is: New Orders

Chapter Lore: The last remnants of Praag's defenders turned and fled behind the city's inner wall. Thurik sneered with contempt as he watched the cowards rear their horses and run. They could flee to the ends of the world if they liked, but they could not escape the talons of the Raven God.

Thurik held his arms aloft and chanted. A blood-red light surrounded his hands, and as the power grew within him, the hairs on his neck stood on end. When he felt he could contain the energies no longer, the Magus flung his arms forward. Red lightning blazed across the battlefield and struck the fleeing Kislevites in their backs, throwing them from their horses. They lay on the ground unmoving, smoldering where they had been struck.

A lone warrior on horseback rode up beside the Magus. Thurik turned to see the warrior hurl a corpse into the mud at his feet. It was a man of the Empire, and his livery bore the Order of the Griffon's emblem.

"How many?" asked Thurik.

"Dozens, perhaps hundreds. They came under cover of night and are helping the Kislevites repair the city's defenses."

Thurik waved his hand dismissively. "They have come to join a losing battle, and they will hang from the battlements with the rest of these spineless dogs. Burn what is left of the northern remainder, and give them no place to hide. When that is done, bring the Hellcannons to the north bridge. We will rain daemonfire upon these weak-willed Kislevites night and day until they beg for mercy!"

As the warrior marched off to carry out his orders, Thurik looked up ino the sky. Floating above the city, the Daemonhost watched the ongoing battle, reveling in the agony and despair. With each death, Souleater grew stronger. It would not be long before the creature had enough power to unleash the final cataclysmic stage of Tchar'zanek's master spell.

Thurik looked forward to seeing Altdorf consumed by the raw power of Chaos. The Raven God's triumph was almost at hand.

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