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Chaos Warcamp
zone: Praag

Chaos Warcamp Destruction Storyline

New Orders

location: Ravensworn, Praag

npc: Magedon the Omniscient

zone: Praag

Objective: Martyr's Square

Objective: Kurlov's Armory


Objective: Russenscheller Graveyard

Objective: Manor of Ortel von Zaris

Objective: Southern Garrison

Objective: Garrison of Skulls

previous chapter is: A Losing Battle

next chapter is: The Fall of Praag

Chapter Lore: Cloax Jeridin took a drink of the gourd and winced; the wine was nearly vinegar. Obviously, the marauders weren't looting any good wine from the city any more, which meant that there was simply no more to be had.

He saw Magedon the Omniscient deep in thought. Whenever his warband leader got THAT look, action soon followed.

Jeridin went to him. Dangerous to interrupt him when he was like this... but equally dangerous not to.

"What troubles you, Lord Magedon?"

"Enemy... seeking our flank in the city," Magedon whispered. With a stick he began playfully drawing a strikingly accurate map of the city of Praag in the dirt by the warcamp's cooking-fire.

"My Lord?" Jeridin said.

"NO!" Magedon roared suddenly, in a different voice. "I am the Architect of Fate! I am the Changer of Ways. Make thy defense HERE, mortal!" Magedon said, tapping a location in the dirt-map precisely and patiently with the stick. He then threw chicken bones on the ground next to the map, and studied them with his eyes open to their widest. "And beware the Zealot of Loefret's who comes with poison!"

Jeridin studied the position on the map, then watched for a moment as Magedon fell to the ground and began to shake and squirm uncontrollably.

When satisfied that Magedon was continuing to breathe, Jeridin left him to speak with Hidus Nakorek in the sorcerer's tent.

"I have new orders," he told his fellow magus.

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