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Chaos Chapter 19
zone: Praag

Chaos Chapter 19 Destruction Storyline

The Fall of Praag

location: Southern Breach, Praag

npc: Lord Xyshrenth

zone: Praag

Public Quest: The End is Nigh

Public Quest: Wings of the Griffon

Public Quest: Southern Breach

previous chapter is: New Orders

next chapter is: The Heart of the Empire

Chapter Lore: The roar of the warriors was deafening. They swept through the streets of Praag's southern reaches, demolishing everything in their path and slaughtering those not fast enough to escape them. The surging wave of Northmen struck like a hammer blow against the ring of tents that had been the Empire's camp. Within moments, all was ruined by the savage barbarians.

Several of the Empire's soldiers were climbing to higher ground, hoping to escape the charge of the Norse marauders. The fear and shock were evident in their eyes. They had been caught completely off guard by the midnight attack, with most of their comrades still slumbering on their bedrolls.

With a great cry that resounded above the noise of the battle, Gurdron charged down the slope toward the bridge where the enemy was regrouping. Behind him, a dozen warriors came running, their eyes filled with bloodlust.

The soldiers of the Empire, already reeling from the unexpected assault, were ill-prepared for Gurdron's attack. One of the men raised a sword and moved to strike, but Gurdron shattered the weapon in his hand, and then severed his head from his neck. Some of the Empire's soldiers had fled across a bridge and were trying to re-establish themselves on the far side. No matter, thought the Warlord. They would be easy pickings when his loyal warriors had sated themselves with this feast of blood and iron. Gurdron smiled with satisfaction. This was a defeat from which the enemy would not recover. The fall of Praag was now inevitable.

Meanwhile, high above the city, the Daemon called Souleater eagerly drank in the pain and suffering. Its thirst for mortal anguish was insatiable, and its powers were almost fully restored from the long slumber in the Chaos Wastes. Far to the south, the Daemon could sense the progress of its master and his army. The warhost was bearing down on Altdorf, and it would soon be time to join Tchar'zanek and recite the incantations that would open a gateway to the Realm of Chaos in the heart of Altdorf, the Empire's capital city.

The fate of the weak-willed southerners was nearly sealed. Soon, all of the world would be transformed into a glorious kingdom worthy of the Dark Gods.

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