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Chaos Chapter 20
zone: Reikland

Chaos Chapter 20 Destruction Storyline

The Heart of the Empire

location: Mark of the Reaver, Reikland

npc: Astryth the Reaver

zone: Reikland

Public Quest: Ambush at Garrisonburg

Public Quest: Dark Retribution

Public Quest: Rain of Fire

previous chapter is: The Fall of Praag

next chapter is: Shades of Darkness

Chapter Lore: With an inhuman shriek, Astryth the Reaver charged through the collapsed door of the Sigmarite Temple, her long, curved daggers held high above her head. The Warrior Priests witin were ready and waiting. The battering ram had taken too long to do its work, and the Sigmarite Priests had used that time to fortify their defenses.

It mattered little to Astryth, who threw herself fearlessly into the ranks of the enemy. She leapt into the air, bringing her knives plunging down into the neck of the nearest Sigmarite. Behind her, dozens of warriors swarmed into the Temple, and the battle began in earnest.

Somewhere in the Temple was a powerful Warrior Priest, likely the leader of the sect. Souleater had sensed his power as the Raven Host entered Reikland, their long trek from the Chaos Wastes finally nearing its end. In Praag, the Daemon's powers had been fully restored as the creature fed upon the torment produced by the Raven Host's siege. That power was so strong now that it was consuming the Daemon's current host: the ancient Elf Sorceress Sylvara.

With the final assault upon Altdorf nearly at hand, the Daemon would need a new host to stay anchored to the world of mortals. The task of capturing that host had fallen to Astryth, one of the fiercest and most sadistic Zealots in the Raven Host. Astryth did not seek to defeat the enemy; she wished to obliterate all traces of them from the world. She slaughtered her foes and then burned their corpses, destroyed their homes, and set fire to their fields and orchards. Her insatiable appetite for destruction and carnage had earned her the nickname "the Reaver," and it was a well-deserved epithet.

One by one, the Warrior Priests fell, but they were taking a heavy toll on her band of warriors. Astryth worked her way toward the door. She would withdraw for now, but she would return with more warriors. In the meantime, she would lay waste to the surrounding countryside and leave her mark on the very heart of the Empire.

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