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Chaos Warcamp

Chaos Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Shades of Darkness

location: Seven Shades Creep, Chaos Wastes

npc: Loefret the Hatebringer

zone: Chaos Wastes

Objective: Reikwatch

Objective: Frostbeard's Quarry

Objective: Schwenderhalle Manor

Objective: Runehammer Gunworks

Objective: Wilhelm's Fist

Objective: Morr's Repose

previous chapter is: The Heart of the Empire

next chapter is: A Gathering of Forces

Chapter Lore: Loefret the Hatebringer swung his battle-axe into the skull of an Empire Knight thrusting a spear at his face. Two of his Chosen simultaneously came at the Knight with their own axes, hewing the unfortunate Sigmarite in three.

A great chanting roar sounded from the Chaos ranks. Warriors of Tzeentch hit the demoralized Empire survivors from three sides as they fought to protect their line of retreat. Perhaps one in four of the fallen regiment was fleet enough of foot to escape the dreadful envelopment and the murderous rout which followed.

"The field is ours," declared Loefret. He rode his warhorse triumphantly back to his camp at Seven Shades Creep. Cheering and exultations to the Raven God were heard from every warband; the undulating ground of the Chaos Wastes seemed to add a strange reverberating echo to these noises.

Upon returning to the camp, Thaldja Krosterin was waiting for him, or rather, the Daemon which now inhabited her flesh waited.

"A message awaits, Dark One," she croaked.

He returned to his tent, and found a sealed scroll from Tchar'zanek himself floating above his table, glowing with arcane energy.

As soon as he broke the seal, the scroll zipped from his hands and unwound itself in the air, the voice of Tchar'zanek himself reading his own message in a spectral voice.

"Loefret the Hatebringer, Guardian of the Wastes... why do you persist in allowing the Sigmarites to march upon our very doorstep? Thrice you have promised to expel them in accordance with the plans of the Changer, and thrice has this promise not been kept."

Loefret snarled, and tore the scroll into tiny pieces. The Warlord of the Raven Host knew better, it was inevitable that the Empire would make a futile push into these parts. No, this was about Loefret himself. Tchar'zanek now saw him as a threat, and Tchar'zanek suffered no challengers.

Loefret needed to think. If he did not draw up plans now, he would not live to see the end of this war.

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