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Chaos Chapter 21
zone: Reikland

Chaos Chapter 21 Destruction Storyline

A Gathering of Forces

location: Vanik's Horde, Reikland

npc: Chieftain Vanik

zone: Reikland

Public Quest: Hunting the Hunters

Public Quest: Stoneclan's Demise

Public Quest: Vulgar Display of Power

previous chapter is: Shades of Darkness

next chapter is: The Burning of Castle Reiksguard

Chapter Lore: Chieftain Vanik held up a hand, signaling his Marauder patrol to come to a halt. He sniffed the air and turned his head slowly from one side to the other, his eyes searching the undergrowth. There was no sound to be heard, and no sight of the enemy in the twilit woods.

Dozens of men abruptly burst forth from the tree line and charged toward the Marauders. Vanik raised his right arm into the air and ran forward to meet the foe. As he did so, the flesh of his forearm rippled and shifted. With a sound of cracking bones, his entire hand elongated, transforming into a serrated, claw-like appendage.

The Marauders fought fiercely, but were driven slowly backward. It was clear the enemy soldiers were herding them, and when Vanik spared a glance over his shoulder, he knew why. A regiment of Reiksguard knights was forming up along the road, preparing to charge into the rear of his formation.

The captain of the knights raised his sword high. "Prepare to charge!" he cried out.

At that moment, a loud note rang out through the deepening gloom. It was a horn like none the men of the Empire had heard. The sound was like thunder, or perhaps the growl of a great beast. The slow thumping of a war drum followed after, and it boomed throughout the forest.

Chieftain Vanik knew the sound well. "The warhost has come!" he shouted to his Marauders, and they answered with a loud, bellowing cheer.

The warriors of the Empire turned to face the river. There, a great, dark host was crossing. Men, beasts, and Daemons marched under banners bearing a black raven or a blue eye.

"Fall back! Fall back!" The captain turned and galloped away, his knights falling in behind him. The warriors on foot turned and sprinted for the tree line.

Vanik leapt after them, slashing through the shoulder of the nearest foe. He would still claim some trophies of this battle. If the rest escaped, it was no matter. They would only postpone their inevitable deaths.

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