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Chaos Chapter 22
zone: Reikland

Chaos Chapter 22 Destruction Storyline

The Burning of Castle Reiksguard

location: The Inevitable Fire, Reikland

npc: Khyathor

zone: Reikland

Public Quest: Fields of Reikland

Public Quest: Reiksguard Training Grounds

Public Quest: All the King's Men

previous chapter is: A Gathering of Forces

next chapter is: The Maw

Chapter Lore: The night was lit by fires both natural and arcane. Behind the walls of Castle Reiksguard, tall pillars of flame stretched into chimneys of gray smoke that disappeared into the black sky above. From the parapets, archers rained down arrows on the besieging warhost. Below, Sorcerers hurled bolts of magical red flame up at their attackers.

The wall still held, but would not do so for long. A regiment of Chosen had brought a huge battering ram to the gate. The men of the Empire had tried, without success, to push the ram back. No arrows could penetrate the seamless plate armor of the Chosen, and cauldron after cauldron of scalding oil had not slowed them.

From his vantage point on a nearby hill, Khyathor watched the siege unfold. Breaching the gate was only the beginning of the attack, he knew. Within the walls of Castle Reiksgaurd were hundreds of the Empire's finest warriors, and leading them was the Reiksmarshall himself. Khyathor had seen him on the walls, surveying the size of the force arrayed against him. No doubt his humor was grim.

A loud sound of cracking stone and splintering wood roused the Magus from his musings. At last, the gate was sundered. Rising into the air upon his bladed disc, he floated forward to watch the attack firsthand.

Scores of Northmen poured into the fortress. They attacked with such speed and ferocity that the first line of defenders was swept aside like leaves before a mighty gust of wind. The Reiksmarshall appeared then, and the men of the Reiksguard gathered around him.

The fighting was relentless, and for a time, neither side could dislodge the other. Eventually, the Northmen began to give ground to the defenders. Khyathor had been expecting this, for the Reiksguard were well-rested and fighting on their home soil. Khyathor gave the order to withdraw. There was no hurry, after all. With the gate breached, he could take his time wearing down the castle's defenders. When Castle Reiksguard fell, the way to Altdorf would be clear.

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