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zone: The Maw

Chaos Fortress Destruction Storyline

The Maw

location: The Maw

zone: The Maw

Undefined: Fortress Lord, Ashleen Dreadweaver

Chapter Lore: Where most fortresses are built to repel invaders with their very image, the stronghold of the Maw is meant to invite invading armies deep into the Chaos Wastes. Many armies have wandered into the deep Wastes in search of the fortress of the Maw, traveling into progressively darker and more bizarre terrain. Most armies are caught unawares by the unfettered and sudden appearance of the fortress, but one look at the enormous walls that frame the stronghold and surprise soon fades to despair.

However, the commanders of the Maw will not impede an newly arrived as it prepares to lay siege, nor will do much more than protect its walls from incursion. For the commanders of the fortress in the Maw know that waiting is the secret to fighting this deep in the Wastes. One need only wait and soon his enemies will be fighting each other, shouting at shadows, or wandering unthinkingly through the sand and snow, the insanity of the Maw having finally consumed them.

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