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Capital Cities Chaos Lands

Capital Cities Chaos Lands Undefined Storyline

The Inevitable City

location: The Inevitable City, Chaos Wastes

zone: Inevitable City (Peaceful)

Public Quest: Tchar'zanek's Lair

Public Quest: The Monolith

Public Quest: The Sacellum



next chapter is: Altdorf

Chapter Lore: To name such a place a "city" is surely some great joke of the Dark Gods. It is as apt to liken a brothel to the Imperial Palace of Altdorf. Located in the deepest part of the Chaos Wastes, the Inevitable City is a place of impossible reality and unearthly construction. Carnage and bloodshed are the currency of its streets, and they pay for entertainment equally well. The latest fashions are the gifts of the Ruinous Powers, and the maddening whispers of hidden daemons are what pass for gossip among the denizens of the city.

Truly, the place is best understood as an arena for the contentions and games of the Dark Gods, for though the Great Changer holds the power of the city, the influence of the other Gods is in full display. Factions clash openly in the streets, hoping to gain favor with their Lords so that they may have the honor of marching against the realm of men. The greatest of champions fight in the Sacellum, where their prowess is exercised in worship to the Ruinous Powers.

Despite the open rivalries, the legions of the city remain firmly in the grip of the Father of Fate. The great obsidian Monolith stands to remind all of his presence, as do the eerie Watchers, which stand to observe and spread his influence in equal measure. Any life spent in the Inevitable City is a life spent in service to this authority, either embraced in the splendor of its rewards or lost in the eternity of its damnation.

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