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The Lost Vale

location: Jade Strand, Averlorn

npc: Kyrilis Thornblade


previous chapter is: Bastion Stair

Chapter Lore: The Lost Vale, also known as the Gaen Vale, is the island home to the Everqueen of the High Elves. Since the invasion of Ulthuan by Malekith's armies, the Everqueen has vanished, and she has yet to be found by her people or the Dark Elves. Without her presence the vale is weakened, and the combined disruptive magics in wake of Malekith's invasion on Ulthuan have upset the sensitive balance in ley lines that passed through the Gaen Vale and converge at the Isle of the Dead. The waystones of the vale have shattered, unleashing magic in its purest, unbridled form.

The wilds that surround the Everqueen's court, once pristine glades filled with the rarest and noblest creatures of Ulthuan, has become shrouded and menacingly. Griffon shrieks fill the air with frenzied rage and dryad whispers taint the gloom with madness. Even the Whitefire Spiders, communal creatures who gifted the Evercourt with their priceless silk, have been consumed by the torrent of energy corrupting the vale.

Such power has drawn forth unspeakable monsters, vile creatures of the dark gods who mysteriously have gained access to the island at the heart of Ulthuan. Mutant beasts clash, twisted men, and towering ogres all now roam the land, and all clash for the right to dominate the bounty of the vale. In the shadows cackling fiends can be seen dancing and writhing, enthralled by the entertainment of the conflict. The Gaen Vale has been corrupted beyond repair, and soon all its souls will be caught in the rapture that is the Dark Prince of Chaos.

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