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Dark Elf Chapter 2

Dark Elf Chapter 2 Destruction Storyline


location: Akrana's Storm, Blighted Isles

npc: Akrana

zone: The Blighted Isle

Public Quest: The Watchtower

Public Quest: Mistwood Grove

Public Quest: Nimosar

previous chapter is: Trial by Blood

next chapter is: Into the Lions' Den

Chapter Lore: The night air was still and carried the scent of rain. A low bank of heavy clouds obscured the stars and moons, blanketing the land in deep darkness. From atop a high hill, Akrana and Urathos looked down upon the winking lights of a distant village.

"Nimosar," said Urathos in a voice that was soft, but tinged with menace. "The Shining Guard is using the village as a headquarters."

"Then we will raze it the ground and bury the bones of the traitors in ash," replied Akrana matter-of-factly.

Akrana turned and walked down the hill toward the Dark Elves' camp, and Urathos fell in behind her. The assassin was surprised that she had turned her back to him, especially after insinuating that he was a coward. He supposed that her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of the battle to come.

With Nimosar destroyed, the Shining Guard would be in disarray and their efforts to resist the invasion in the Blighted Isle would be broken. The High Elves would be forced to fall back to Chrace. It was a sound plan, but there were still too many unanswered questions.

Malekith's plan to weaken Ulthuan in advance of his invasion had been a complete success; as soon as the Phoenix King had set sail for the Empire with legions of his finest warriors, the Black Arks launched from Naggaroth. The Dark Elves had fallen upon the northern coast of Ulthuan with the fury of a breaking storm, beating back the depleted ranks of Prince Tyrion's defending army at every turn. Then, inexplicably, Lord Uthorin had called a halt to the advance and commanded his forces to break off the attack and march southward. The same was happening elsewhere, with the other noble houses.

What grand deception was at work? Why were the Lords of Naggaroth driving their armies southward with such urgency? What prize were they racing toward?

The assassin was stirred from his musings by the sight of a small blue flower. Urathos slipped the dagger slowly from his belt, and Akrana's head turned slightly to one side. Suddenly, she spun about, a long, curved knife in her hand.

"Try it, assassin, and I will see to it that you never again enjoy the company of women."

Urathos' mouth curled into a wry smile as he knelt to the ground and used his blade to cut the stem of a small blue flower. He stood and offered the blossom to Akrana.

"The Lathranoi flower is the root of the poison called manbane. Even a small dose will prevent any wound from healing. A tiny scratch will, given time, cause its victim to bleed to death. For an assassin, this flower is more precious than any stone or glimmering trinket."

Akrana's eyes narrowed. "Return to camp and tell the soldiers that we attack before sunrise."

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