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Dark Elf Chapter 3

Dark Elf Chapter 3 Destruction Storyline

Into the Lions' Den

location: Poisonblade Heath, Blighted Isles

npc: Kulvorath Bloodhand

zone: The Blighted Isle

Public Quest: Dreamshade Forest

Public Quest: Golden Tor

Public Quest: Gon'Seraph

previous chapter is: Nimosar

next chapter is: Cynathai Span

Chapter Lore: Kulvorath drove his sword through the heart of the High Elf who lay at his feet. The White Lion convulsed and spat up blood, then was still.

All about the young noble's feet were the corpses of allies and enemies alike, but among the living, there were only the Dark Elves. The White Lions' garrison at Gon Sereph had been crushed, but the High Elves had yet to show their full strength. The outriders has spotted the main force in the mountains to the south.

"The village is secured. Bring the Sorceress!" A lithe, raven-haired maiden rode forth and joined Kulvorath as he walked into the center of Gon Sereph. Perhaps now he would get some answers to the questions that had plagued him since Lord Uthorin had sent his army southward rather than crush the High Elves on beaches of the Blighted Isle.

The Sorceress approached a tall stone in the center of the village courtyard. She held her hands aloft and chanted. A moment later, an arc of black lightning leapt from her fingers and struck the stone, blasting it to pieces. Kulvorath shielded his eyes as pebbles rained down around him.

When the dust cleared, the noble looked again. The menhir stone at the center of the village was no more.

"That is why we have come here? To destroy this stone?" Kulvorath was mystified. Why would Lord Uthorin abandon a certain victory to destroy one of hundreds of menhirs?

"We march southward," the Sorceress said quietly. "The greater menhir has been weakened, and is ripe for the taking."

As the Sorceress walked away, Kulvorath followed her.

"Then Lord Uthorin intends to seize control of the greater menhir? But why?"

"It is not your place to know," answered the Sorceress. Was that a smirk upon her face? The Dark Elf commander growled an unkind remark under his breath as Ilanya walked away, and then waved his lieutenants over.

"Form an escort to take Sorceress Ilanya southward toward the mountains. Meanwhile, form a regiment of men to approach the Plain of Bone, Travel openly and by day - I want the eyes of the High Elf scouts fixed upon our warriors as they march upon the Sword of Khaine."

"Then the move upon the Sword is a feint, my lord?" asked one of the younger captains.

Kulvorath hesitated a moment before answering.

"It is not your place to know."

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