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Dark Elf Warcamp

Dark Elf Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Cynathai Span

location: Cynathai Span, Blighted Isles

npc: Kolith Blackblade

zone: The Blighted Isle

Objective: The Altar of Khaine

Objective: House of Lorendyth

Objective: The Tower of Nightflame

Objective: Shard of Grief

previous chapter is: Into the Lions' Den

next chapter is: Twilight

Chapter Lore: "Demands, you say?" Kolith Blackblade laughed in disbelief. The mirthless outburst came in a loud bark, startling the messenger who had carried the scroll into Cynathai Span. "Nistren Tyros dares to demand that I send him more troops to help recover the Tower of the Nightflame?" Blackblade laughed again, even more maliciously. "That's quite a jest, even coming from a witless dolt like Tyros."

With a motion so quick it was barely visible to the naked eye, Kolith Blackblade drew his cutlass.
There was a flash of silver and a sharp intake of breath.

The messenger was suddenly staring at the Corsair's feet, wondering how he had fallen so quickly. A moment later, as darkness began to overtake him, he saw his own body tumble to the ground before him. It was the last sight he would ever see.

"You there," said Blackblade, as he wiped the blood from his cutlass. Several of the newer arrivals to camp jumped at the sudden attention. He pointed his weapon towards the severed head of the messenger and then towards the newest recruit from House Uthorin. "Take the head of this idiot back to his Lord and tell him that Kolith Blackblade takes orders from no one save Lord Uthorin, himself."

Blackblade smiled as though enjoying some private joke. He added, "Oh, and to make certain the bumbling oaf doesn't go crying to Lord Uthorin that I've refused to help him, you and your newly-arrived companions will go to Tyros' aid." He laughed again. "Make sure he doesn't start making a habit of counting on my mercy."

Nodding at the remains of the messenger, he added "And clean that up on the way out!"

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