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Dark Elf Chapter 4
zone: Chrace

Dark Elf Chapter 4 Destruction Storyline


location: Malagurn's Charge, Chrace

npc: General Malagurn

zone: Chrace

Public Quest: Lionhome Lodge

Public Quest: The Stone of Valetear

Public Quest: Tor Achare

previous chapter is: Cynathai Span

next chapter is: Bitter Rivals

Chapter Lore: Captain Ulthawen watched as the sun sank on the western horizon, its last golden rays blazing defiantly against the encroaching twilight. The sky burned orange to blood red, and then to purple in the east as the first evening stars winked into view. A gentle breeze stirred the grass and leaves at her feet, and the Captain closed her eyes. If this was her time to die, she was ready.

The roar of a Cold One shattered the tranquility of the crimson sunset. The Dark Elves' army marched into view, emerging from the treeline on the far side of the clearing from the great menhir stone around which the Captain had assembled her soldiers. Ulthawen did not need to count the enemy warriors; one glance was enough to know that the Dark Elves outnumbered her small company more than two to one.

As the Dark Elves formed a battle line, their leader rode forth. Captain Ulthawen leapt onto her horse and motioned for her escorts to follow. At the center of the battlefield, the two leaders met as their soldiers looked on.

Captain Ulthawen looked her adversary in the eyes and spoke. "You will not claim this menhir stone, General Malagurn. Leave this place now, or suffer our wrath."

The General threw back his head and laughed heartily. "Our victory is as inevitable as the coming of night! When we have taken control of this stone, the vaunted magic of Ulthuan will be weakened, and your strength will begin to fade. Then we will take another stone, and another until every one of your people is starved of power. When you can no longer command the Winds of Magic, you will be powerless to resist us. We will exact our vengeance slowly, savoring each moment of agony we inflict upon you."

Captain Ulthawen nodded slowly, her suspicions about the nature of the Dark Elves' invasion at last confirmed. The Captain drew her silver blade and held it aloft.

"I tire of your boasting, traitor. Now prepare to die!"

The High Elf warriors let forth a great cry and charged forward. The Dark Elves roared eagerly and raced forward to meet them. General Malagurn drew his black scimitar and swung with all his might. Captain Ulthawen parried the blow, and kicked the General backwards. On either side of the dueling leaders, the two armies crashed together and the battle began.

Hub NPC: General Malagurn: A former Har Ganeth Executioner, General Malagurn is regarded as one of the most ruthless and effective of Lord Uthorin's military leaders. Lord Uthorin personally appointed the General to oversee the destruction of the first menhir, knowing that he could rely on Malagurn to get the job done by any means necessary.

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