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Dark Elf Chapter 5

Dark Elf Chapter 5 Destruction Storyline

Bitter Rivals

location: Ruins of Anlec, Shadowlands

npc: Lord Yldrian

zone: The Shadowlands

Public Quest: Out of the Shadows

Public Quest: Rock of Galirian

Public Quest: Ruins of Anlec

previous chapter is: Twilight

next chapter is: Truce and Consequences

Chapter Lore: Lunira stood upon a high rock, listening to the sound of the distant waves crashing upon the rocky shore of the Shadowlands. The piercing cry of a gull drew her attention skyward. Somber, ash grey clouds passed swiftly overhead, carried on the ocean breeze. The Dark Elf hag drew in a deep breath, and for a moment felt as it she were home again in ancient Nagarythe.

"Lunira, someone approaches!" whispered Lord Yldrian urgently. She hated everything about the young Dark Elf noble. He was impetuous and vain, having earned his command only by virtue of his father's lofty position in the court of House Uthorin.

The sound of footfalls on sandy gravel reached Lunira's ears, and she crouched low. She took a small vial from her belt, ready to imbibe the poisons that all Witch Elves of the Temple of Khaine carried with them. One sip would send her into a murderous frenzy, and she would bathe the ground in the blood of her enemies in the name of the Lord of Murder.

Lord Yldrian signaled to his men to crouch low and ready their weapons. The sound of footfalls grew nearer, and Lunira could make out at least a dozen hushed voices.

She pulled the stopper from her small phial and held it near her lips.

It was not High Elves who strode into view, but a Dark Elf patrol. Lord Yldrian hissed as he recognized the livery of House Arkaneth on their tunics. Like all members of House Uthorin, Yldrian had been taught to despise that emblem even before he was old enough to pick up a weapon. Lady Arkaneth was Lord Uthorin's chief rival, and their two houses had been blood enemies for centuries beyond reckoning.

Yldrian emerged from hiding and addressed the surprised patrol. "If you have come to pay tribute to our great House, we haven't the time to hear your fond words. We are busy conquering this land in the name of Lord Uthorin."

Lunira did not care for Yldrian, but she had to acknowledge his gift for sarcasm.

The leader of the patrolling Dark Elves strode toward Yldrian until he was mere inches from his face. "Then it is little wonder that the Witch King has asked Lady Arkaneth to do the same, for whom better to clean up the mess your Lord will doubtless make of things?"

Before Yldrian could respond, the note of a High Elf horn rang out. Lunira put her phial of poison away and leapt onto a tall rock.

"The Shining Guard approaches!" cried the Witch. She was relieved that she could sink steel into the flesh of the enemy. Listening to these two braggarts was already boring her.

Lord Yldrian glared daggers at his rival, and then ordered his men to take up defensive positions among the rocks. Fate might force him to fight side by side with the warriors of House Arkaneth, but did not have to enjoy it.

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