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Dark Elf Chapter 6

Dark Elf Chapter 6 Destruction Storyline

Truce and Consequences

location: Sundered Strand, Shadowlands

npc: Harodir

zone: The Shadowlands

Public Quest: The Gloomridge Copse

Public Quest: Jagged Coast

Public Quest: Ruins of Nagarythe

previous chapter is: Bitter Rivals

next chapter is: Oath's End

Chapter Lore: Harodir watched as a solitary eagle circled high above, fixated on some unwary creature far below. Any moment now, the eagle would dive at dizzying speed and catch its prey completely by surprise.

The Shade hefted his crossbow and took aim. The Eagle wheeled one last time, and then plummeted earthward. Harodir tracked the bird as it descended, and then fired. Just as the majestic creature turned to bring its claws to bear, the Dark Elf's bolt pierced its chest and it crashed hard to the ground at the feet of a tall, robed Dark Elf.

The delegation from House Arkaneth was late, no doubt because they found it amusing to make the Dark Elves of House Uthorin wait for them. The two houses had a rivalry that spanned centuries, but Harodir cared little about it.

Harodir had not been born into House Uthorin, but had been asked to join after years of service as a mercenary. It was uncommon for a Shade to give up his way of life in the Blackspine Mountains and join the other Dark Elves in the city holds. Most of his kind detested the bustling, stinking chaos of city life, preferring instead the freedom of the wilds. Harodir was different. He had more ambition than most of his kind, and had developed a taste for power such as he could not find among the mountains.

By the time Harodir returned to camp, the delegation had been waiting an hour to meet with him. He approached and nodded slightly, forgoing the customary bow that courtesy normally demanded.

"I am Harodir of House Uthorin. I will do us both the favor of forgoing idle chatter. Let us cut to the heart of the matter, shall we?"

The tall, robed Dark Elf stepped forward. "I am Lhucran, and were it not Lady Arkaneth's desire to hold this council in peace, I would take one of your hands as compensation for making me wait."

"I would very much like you to try," answered Harodir with a chilling smile.

Lhucran cleared his throat. "The Witch King has dispatched the forces of House Arkaneth and House Uthorin to this place with the same mandate. We are to destroy the menhir that lies at the foot of the mountains to the south. It is the wisdom of Lady Arkaneth that we are better served in all respects if we work together toward this end, for if we cannot do as Lord Malekith wills, there may be unpleasant consequences for us all."

"Keep your enemies closest, then?" remarked Harodir with amusement. "Lord Uthorin wishes the same, for now. We will set aside our disagreements until the menhir stone is destroyed. Shall we seal our agreement in blood?"

Lhucran nodded and each Dark Elf drew a small dagger, then offered the other an exposed wrist. The Shade cut a small scratch across Lhucran's wrist, and then the emissary did the same to him. As the wounds bled, the two clasped their arms so that the blood intermingled.

The agreement was sealed, thought Harodir to himself, and now the great lie would begin in earnest.

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