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Dark Elf Warcamp

Dark Elf Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Oath's End

location: Oath's End, Shadowlands

npc: Kathandris Skysiege

zone: The Shadowlands

Objective: Unicorn Siege Camp

Objective: Shadow Spire

Objective: The Reaver Stables

Objective: The Needle of Ellyrion

Objective: Cascades of Thunder

Objective: Spite's Reach

previous chapter is: Truce and Consequences

next chapter is: Day of Blood

Chapter Lore: "The impenetrable Unicorn Gate," spat Kathendris Skysiege. She placed an ironic emphasis on the word impenetrable that implied she believed the ancient structure to be anything but.

"Over the centuries, our spineless cousins have hidden behind their precious Unicorn Gate, confident that they could remain there indefinitely and endure any siege from without." She scanned the table and looked meaningfully at her generals and closest advisors as she spoke. She scattered several maps to the floor with an overly dramatic swipe of her hand. "That," she said, "will change."

"Too long have the cowards used the Unicorn Gate as a shield to mask their treachery. I will have that gate torn asunder so that the full depth and breadth of their conspiracy against the Witch King will be exposed to the light of day. All will know how the true heir to the Phoenix Throne was denied his birthright by the machinations of the greedy and envious traitors of Ulthuan."

"Where our brothers and sisters have failed in the past, we will succeed. We have the full might of the Winds of Magic at our beck and call now that Malekith has freed the male Sorcerers from the yoke of secrecy." She smiled, showing more teeth than seemed normal, "I suspect that little surprise will catch our cousins in the Plain of Bone unawares."

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