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Dark Elf Chapter 7

Dark Elf Chapter 7 Destruction Storyline

Day of Blood

location: Ralkuth's Return, Shadowlands

npc: Ralkuth

zone: The Shadowlands

Public Quest: Dawn's Early Fight

Public Quest: Stone of Ecelsion

Public Quest: The Griffon Gate

previous chapter is: Oath's End

next chapter is: The Fall of the Matriarch

Chapter Lore: Hundreds of Cold One Knights formed into ranks. Masses of Warriors readied their Repeater Crossbows. Beastmasters wrangled Manticores to drag massive pieces of siege equipment across the field.

Commander Kohrith looked out over his massive army preparing for the assault on the Griffon Gate.

"Where are our Sorceresses?" he asked.
His captain, Ralkuth, answered, "The Dreadblight Convent has advanced on the Menhir, despite your orders. Lunira insisted her duty was of far more import than ours."

Kohrith scowled. His face bore the scars of a hundred hard fought battles.

"Presumptuous witch! If we do not conquer this gate, we have nothing. Her convent will be overrun."

Kohrith looked back over his army.

"Without the convent's support we will need reinforcement. Return to camp. Ensure that all arrivals are sent to this front immediately. I am Kohrith Bloodbane of Hag Graef! In all of my days I have known no defeat! This day will be no different."

Ralkuth nodded and then set out back to camp. Kohrith rode to the front of the line and addressed the ranks.

"Dark Elves! Beyond this hill lay the gate to the inner kingdom. These are the lands from which they orchestrated the Great Betrayal on our Witch King. The lands from which they cast the Sundering, dooming our ancestors to black depths of the Great Sea!"

Kohrith allowed his men to echo cries of hatred and disdain for the High Elves before continuing.

"The hour we have waited an eternity for is upon us. We shall purge this gate and tear the heart from their bosom. Our vengeance is at hand! Warriors of House Uthorin, charge!"

A thundering drumbeat shook the earth as the feet of a hundred Cold Ones plodded into motion. The bellow of countless battle cries echoed through the air. A conflict the likes of which had not been seen since The Day of Blood was about to take place.

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