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Dark Elf Chapter 8
zone: Ellyrion

Dark Elf Chapter 8 Destruction Storyline

The Fall of the Matriarch

location: Brokenblade, Ellyrion

npc: Baromad Drakanth

zone: Ellyrion

Public Quest: Town of Berhessa

Public Quest: Monument of Narialle

Public Quest: Reservation of Honor

previous chapter is: Day of Blood

next chapter is: Race for the Menhir

Chapter Lore: A parade of retainers followed Sorceress Lunira through the Griffon Gate. She was welcomed by a polite round of applause from Lord Kohrith and his men.

"We are ever so grateful to have your considerable talents by our side, dark maiden of the Dreadblight Convent," uttered the commander.

Lunira did not look in his direction as she replied, "As well you should be, Kohrith."

It had been his militaristic prowess that had brought down the Griffon Gate, but it was her cruel genius that had arrested power of the Shadowlands' Menhir. Both of them knew well which achievement was held in higher esteem by their House Lord.

He bit his tongue in reply, "Indeed."

Lunira's condescending tone rang in the ears of all around, "I understand Lord Uthorin awarded you command of the campaign in these horse lands."

"An honor I am grateful for."

She hissed a reply, "One you are hardly worthy of. Remember well..."

The cry of a watchman cut short her diatribe, "A lone rider approaches!"

A single High Elf on white horse raced across the plain as gracefully as a Great Eagle soars on the wind. In an uncanny display of balance the rider stood upon the back of her mare and drew back the string of a beautifully-curved longbow.

Lunira's eyes flared with anger. Not only had she been rudely interrupted by a lowly watchman, but everyone was now completely ignoring her as their attention was focused on the incoming rider. Seething, Lunira shouted, "I will not be ignored! I am Lunira of the Dreadblight Con..." Her petulant cry ended in a wet gurgle as her throat was pierced by a High Elf arrow. Lunira collapsed, hands cradling the red ruin of her throat.

As the sorceress writhed and gasped upon the ground, the rider's warning echoed across the plain, "Leave these lands now, usurpers, lest we push you into the sea as we did in the day of noble Imrik." She was Harbinger Evriel, a direct descendent of the horse lords who answered Caledor's call to arms in the days of the Sundering.

The Reaper Bolt Throwers opened fire and the Dark Riders set out to pursue, but it was too late. The gap was too wide and Evriel's horse too fast.

The Dreadblight Convent gathered around their dying matriarch. They simply watched in macabre fascination as the once-feared Lunira drew her final breath.

Lord Kohrith studied the sorceresses as they turned away from their fallen leader. It was evident no love was lost for Lunira amongst her sisters, but the question of which of them would replace her remained unasked. Kohrith wondered to himself if that sorceress would have the talent necessary to ensure House Uthorin secured the next Menhir.

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