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Dark Elf Chapter 10
zone: Avelorn

Dark Elf Chapter 10 Destruction Storyline

Brought Down from Within

location: Fernwood, Avelorn

npc: Ilries Stillfury

zone: Avelorn

Public Quest: Spirited Resistance

Public Quest: Wavesinger

Public Quest: Quyl-Isha Temple

previous chapter is: Race for the Menhir

next chapter is: Everspring

Chapter Lore: Kohrith sat on his dark steed atop the hill overlooking the Ellryion Menhir. Blood dripped from his serrated axe as he reveled in the sight of victory. High Elf corpses were strewn about, far as his keen eye could see. And among them were the bodies of the House Arkaneth Dark Elves.

"Burn them all," he ordered aloud. "Dark Lord, might I have the honor of fulfilling such an order, personally."

Kohrith turned to see Ilries speaking. She was a haggard Dark Elf, hailing from the same harsh lands Kohrith did, Hag Graef. She shared her master's cunning and brutality, but her true talent lay in that of infiltration. A skill that had served Kohrith well on several occasions, especially today.

"I would not think to deprive you of it. You have certainly earned it."

Ilries was the spy Kohrith planted in House Arkaneth. She was forced to keep the company of their lowly retainers for weeks. She would enjoy nothing more than seeing their lifeless faces gone.

"Faithful Ilries," continued Kohrith as he dismounted to meet her at eye level.

"I have received summons from Lord Uthorin himself. I am to have audience with him, Malekith and likely representatives of the other houses."

"An honor you are more than worthy of, my cunning lord. He will no doubt crown you Warlord of Uthorin."

Kohrith knew this to be true, but that was not the matter of his concern.

"I have no doubt representative of House Arkaneth will be there with challenge."

Ilries immediately knew where this was going. Kohrith continued.

"The challenge will be handled easily enough, as none here of influence and loyal to Arkaneth remain alive. Such is the measure of our success. I know that you will ensure this measure in my stead. After you are done here you will lead the army into Averlorn, commander."

Kohrith left particular emphasis on the final word. As promised, he rewarded her success with title of commander. She replied with a slight bow.

"I shall not fail you, Warlord."

Kohrith remounted.

"I know that you will not. Sea Guard from throughout Ulthuan converge on the shores of Averlorn. They think to cut us off. The Meresinger itself spearheads their fleet. Be ready. I shall enjoy word of your successes on my return."

With that he took off. Ilries lifted a torch and set the fields before her ablaze. She spoke aloud for the ranks to hear.

"Hasten, Dark Elves! We march on Averlorn!"

Averlorn was the heart of the High Elven spirit. There was not a single Dark Elf who had not dreamt of such an opportunity to crush the spirit of their hated kin so utterly. A roar of celebration erupted.

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