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Dark Elf Chapter 11
zone: Avelorn

Dark Elf Chapter 11 Destruction Storyline


location: Scornblade's Siege, Avelorn

npc: Sarava Scornblade

zone: Avelorn

Public Quest: Everspring

Public Quest: The Pool of Elthrai

Public Quest: Dartian Forest

previous chapter is: Brought Down from Within

next chapter is: Isha's Fall

Chapter Lore: Poison dripped from the jagged edges of Sarava's daggers, her latest victim lying on the ground before her. She shouted to the High Elves that hid in the forest surrounding her.
"Khaine demands recompense for your ignorance! I shall see to it that every leaf in this forest is soaked with your blood."

The forests of Averlorn had not been touched by outsiders since before the Sundering. The High Elves within were considered the purist of all Asur. The hearts of Ulthuan lay with them. And so once enough ground was won, Commander Ilries set loose a regiment of the frenzied Brides of Khaine to do their worst. Sarava was among them.

By most counts Sarava had murdered a hundred of their frolicking kin by night fall. Most of which were foolish enough to pay little heed to the invasion. They insisted on remaining in their hovels painting, singing and other such nonsense until the moment conflict was upon them. She took particular pleasure in taking the life from these audacious elves.

Sarava continued, taunting the hidden high elves.

"Your world is at an end, fools of Everspring. The Brides of Khaine pave the way for a New Ulthuan. Your precious Menhir's will be crushed, your magics will fall, and your way of life ended. We are the Druchii! Our hate will be known this day."

Her words antagonized the youngest of the rangers hiding within the forest, Oreon Nimblewind. He was native to the artisans' village of Everspring. Having known not but beauty his entire life, he was affected so by the ugliness of the Witch Elf's malicious, hateful spirit. A fire was awoken in his heart by it. He knew that it fell upon him to defend all that was beautiful about Averlorn.

"Ancestors give me the strength to slay this fiend!" roared Oreon as he charged toward Sarava.

He lunged for her with such awe inspiring dexterous pose that a hush fell over the forest. Everything about the young elf's graceful movement was characteristic of Averlorn - the alignment of his legs, the bend in his knee, the angle he held his sword. It was magnificent.
The moment of beauty came to a disheartening end, as Sarava's reflex, blessed by the god of murder, managed to easily side step Oreon's best effort. She extended her arm, and the young elf fell upon her poisoned blade.

In continuance of the terrifying fluid movement, Sarava brought down her other dagger to the back of Oreon's neck. His head fell to the ground with a thump. The Witch Elf looked upon it with satisfaction. She could hear weeping in the distance, followed by the patting of feet running.

"You may run this hour, but my blade will catch you the next."

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