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Dark Elf Warcamp
zone: Avelorn

Dark Elf Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Isha's Fall

location: Isha's Fall, Avelorn

npc: Lord Vilkareth

zone: Avelorn


Objective: Wood Choppaz Camp

Objective: Maiden's Landing

Objective: Spire of Teclis

Objective: Sari' Daroir


Objective: Ghrond's Sacristy

Objective: Well of Qhaysh

previous chapter is: Everspring

next chapter is: A Final Duty

Chapter Lore: "My Lord, it seems Captain Aelryriorn can no longer assist with your inquiries. I fear you were a bit... overzealous with your last round of questioning." Rulkiran pulled the stricken High Elf's head up by the topknot and looked into Aelryriorn's eyes. There were no signs of life. Ralkrith let go of the Elf's hair and his head lolled forward and then lay terribly still.

"More's the pity," answered Lord Vilkareth. "I was just beginning to enjoy myself. I thought for certain that Aelryriorn of all the other prisoners would know where the wench of the woods has gone to ground." Lord Vikareth motioned for the dead Elf to be dragged away, "There's to be a feast for the Cold Ones this night." Angrily, he snapped, "Bring me another of our guests. Perhaps, the next one will be a bit hardier."

Rulkiran watched as the next prisoner was dragged into the tent and laughed quietly to himself. Rulkiran believed Vilkareth was wasting his time, but his Lordship was so blinded by his hatred of the Everqueen that he could not see it. Rulkiran turned the situation in his mind over and over as he looked for a way that Vilkareth's weakness could be turned against him. If Rulkiran could find a way to benefit from the old fool's fall, so much the better.

Anyone could see that the High Elves they continued to interrogate would have revealed Alarielle's whereabouts if they were able. No sane being could withstand that much punishment without breaking. Vilkareth was an accomplished interrogator and had a zeal for his work that was unparalleled even amongst a race as bloodthirsty as the Dark Elves. Yet still, Vilkareth let his contempt for the Everqueen blind him to the fact that even the Asur seemed to be unaware of where Allarielle was hidden.

But that was a mystery to be solved later. For now, Rulkiran was convinced that Vilkareth's single-mindedness was a sign of weakness and that his Lordship was ripe for the picking.

The seeds of a plan began to take shape in his mind.

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