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Dark Elf Chapter 12
zone: Avelorn

Dark Elf Chapter 12 Destruction Storyline

A Final Duty

location: Jade Coast, Avelorn

npc: Devak Bloodbane

zone: Avelorn

Public Quest: Watchtower of Aethwyn

Public Quest: Sea Guard Beachhead

Public Quest: The Jade Stand

previous chapter is: Isha's Fall

next chapter is: Seeds of Treachery

Chapter Lore: Lord Uthorin and Kohrith reminisced on the processions of yester evening's banquet. They mused on the duality of Malekith's blessings, and they toasted to Kohrith's new title as House Uthorin Warlord.

Lord Uthorin signaled the servant to refill their chalices before continuing, "You have done much for House Uthorin, faithful Kohrith. Might I ask for you serve us again this hour."

"As always, I will serve House Uthorin in any way I can my lord."

"Good." Lord Uthorin paused for a moment before continuing, "I recently received dire news. It would seem House Arkaneth's forces make overt efforts to disrupt our campaign in Averlorn."

Kohrith immediately knew where this was going, but he played the game a moment longer if not but to bide his time to think of way out, "Malekith would have their heads for risking the assault with petty affairs of a house rivalry!"

"Indeed." Uthorin studied Kohrith for a moment. Each became the wiser of the other. Finally Kohrith acquiesced, "I did what I had to for the glory of our house, Lord Uthorin. Our convent failed us. We would have lost the Menhir to Arkaneth."

Uthorin interjected, "You have honored your name and House Uthorin with the victory in Ellryion. No one disputes that. However, as you so astutely pointed out, Malekith will be none too pleased should our rivalry interfere with his glory. And so it would seem Arkaneth's asking price to quell this conflict is not negotiable - your head."

With that Kohrith began to choke. He looked toward his chalice. Uthorin had his wine poisoned.

"By now your brother, Devak, has received news of your untimely death at the hand of High Elves on your way back to Averlorn. He is to carry on the honor of your family's name as commander of my army in Averlorn."

Devak stood in quiet contemplation at the center of the Dark Elf encampment deep within the forests of Averlorn. He wore on his face both the sting and the blessing of the words found in Uthorin's missive. After a moment he stepped atop a hill to address the army.

"Dark Elves, hear me! I have received word from Lord Uthorin. The treacherous High Elves have murdered my brother, Kohrith."

Devak paused for a moment while a grumbling in response washed over the masses.

"It falls upon me to lead you through the remainder of this assault. We will purge the heart of this forest, and we will ensure that every High Elf suffer the pain of our vengeance. They will suffer the pain of my brother's passing. Averlorn will be no more!"

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