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Dark Elf Chapter 13
zone: Saphery

Dark Elf Chapter 13 Destruction Storyline

Seeds of Treachery

location: Knife's Edge, Saphery

npc: Morithia Shadowblight

zone: Saphery

Public Quest: Whitemoon Manor

Public Quest: Trial By Fire

Public Quest: Recompense

previous chapter is: A Final Duty

next chapter is: Betrayal

Chapter Lore: Belfarus received the ornate box. He carefully opened it, always weary of House Uthorin's trickery. A wry smile grew over his face as he looked inside. It was the head of Warlord Kohrith - the commander who usurped them in Ellryion.

Belfarus lifted Kohrith's head to eye level, "What of your cunning now, brave commander?"

Belfarus then sat down on a cliff's edge. He dangled his feet in childlike joy as he cupped Kohrith's head in his lap. He stroked the blood matted hair and continued.

"You may have stolen the glory of Ellryion from us, but the true prize lay before you. Behold."

Belfarus turned Kohrith's head as if to show him the horizon. An expanse full of towers far as the eye can see lay before them. Belfarus breathed in the air ripe with the winds of magic. He was a sorcerer of the House Arkaneth. Malekith would occasionally turn a blind eye to the existence of male sorcerers. Belfarus' case was such an exception, as he was cousin to Lady Arkaneth herself.

"House Arkaneth will break the Archmagi of Hoeth. No greater glory will be rewarded than to he who will conquer the Menhir of Saphery!"


Commander Veras approached his volatile lord cautiously.

"Is everything in order, milord? I heard you speaking."

Belfarus dropped Kohrith's head, watching in macabre delight as it bounced off of the rocks below in its descent.

"You heard no such thing, retainer."

"Of course, dark lord."

Veras saw the ornate box overturned on the ground.

"What are your orders lord?"

Belfarus rose to his feet still looking out on the tower laden horizon, a mist cleared revealing the White Tower of Hoeth in the distance.

"Uthorin did not deliver Kohrith's head as promised, and so we shall go to war. Ready everyone."

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