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Dark Elf Chapter 14
zone: Saphery

Dark Elf Chapter 14 Destruction Storyline


location: Kyaran's Advance, Saphery

npc: Kyaran Noth

zone: Saphery

Public Quest: The White Tower of Hoeth

Public Quest: Ghyran's Embrace

Public Quest: House of Cards

previous chapter is: Seeds of Treachery

next chapter is: Ground Assault

Chapter Lore: Sorceress Elreth fell to the ground. Archmage Syvaras stood over her.

"Is it not sad that we, the Asur, have come to this? Wielding the energies that pour from the north against each other."

Those condescending words did not sit well with Elreth. Her hatred swelled.

"You do not wield the energies. You shun them. In all of your weakness, you fear the dark arts," Elreth rose to her feet. "And such weakness will be your undoing!"

Massive arcs of red and black lightening erupted from her hands, its crackling echoed off of the ivory tower. She hurled the raw power at the aged Archmage,

The impact knocked Syvaras off her feet, but she managed to catch the dark energy with a flash of brilliant light. She pushed back against the imposing arc. These two masters of the arcane struggled, their arcs of magic pushing back and forth as the battle for the White Tower of Hoeth and the Prime Menhir continued to rage on around them.

Syvaras eyes were full of concentrated efforts, an unearthly calm. Elreth's were full of rage and hatred.

"The Menhir will fall to our control, wretched Syvaras."

"We feel for you fallen Asur. Even with all of your misguided tenacity, you will fail. We have foreseen it."

With that Elreth redoubled her efforts. A thunderous boom erupted, the reverberating dark energy crackled. Syvaras' face no longer held the calm it did a moment ago. The weight of Elreth's hate fueled power became too much. The Archmage crumbled to her knees with a yelp.

Syvaras' end was nigh, House Uthorin would win the Prime Menhir once and for all. Until, a single dark bolt soared toward Elreth. In all of her rage, she had not noticed Belfarus standing atop a vantage point overlooking the magical duel. He patiently awaited his opportunity and took it. His conjuring flattened Elreth.

In all of the commotion, a retainer witnessed the event, he dove for Elreth, dragging the sorceress to safety, spreading warning to others along the way.

"Treachery! House Arkaneth betrays the pact! We must retreat!"

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