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Dark Elf Chapter 15
zone: Caledor

Dark Elf Chapter 15 Destruction Storyline

Ground Assault

location: Crimson Scar, Caledor

npc: Thalyn Marr

zone: Caledor

Public Quest: The Battle of Aderaal

Public Quest: The Vault of the Dragon Princes

Public Quest: Kelysian's Landing

previous chapter is: Betrayal

next chapter is: Conqueror's Watch

Chapter Lore: Thordon surveyed the gathered warriors from astride his cold one mount. A twisted smile knifed across his face as the Dread Knight anticipated the battle to come. The rocky ground of Caledor would run red by nightfall. And Aderaal would belong to the Uthorin Host.


"My magi are at your command, lord."

Thordon regarded the magus with distaste. Vashnar was an aging human, bent and twisted by his long service to the Great Manipulator. It was only under order of Lord Uthorin himself that Thordon suffered the creatures presence.

"Your magi will follow behind. I will not have them wasted before we reach the vault."

The Vault of the Dragon Princes lay eastward past the tower of Aderaal. The vault would be the next target for the Uthorin army, and the main reason for Vashnar's presence. If the sleeping creatures could not be broken, the Chaos magi would be called upon to unleash their magic. Whether his Chaos allies survived the encounter was not the Dread Knight's concern.

"Those servants of our Dark Lord who answer our call are not susceptible to fire, dread lord."

"And that, Vashnar, is why you are here. Do not disappoint me."

Thordon raised his khetain high.

Columns of black-clad Dark Elves moved toward the distant tower, intent on their goal. The final chapter in Witch King's bid for Ulthuan had begun.Uthorin forces under Thordon's control would march east through Caledor while the Fist of Malekith approached Lothern from the shore. Very soon now Finubar's reign would be at an end, and a new king would rule Ulthuan.

Moving past the scowling magus, Thordon led his regiment of Cold One knights toward battle.

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