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Dak Elf Warcamp
zone: Caledor

Dark Elf Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Conqueror's Watch

location: Conqueror's Watch, Caledor

npc: Lord Vilkareth

zone: Caledor

Objective: Chillwind Manor

Objective: Bel-Korhadris' Solitude

Objective: Sanctuary of Dreams

Objective: Ulthorin Siege Camp

Objective: Pillars of Remembrance

Objective: Arbor of Light

previous chapter is: Ground Assault

next chapter is: Rewards of Service

Chapter Lore: Valensyl Furysworn's lips curled into a confident sneer as she watched the latest regiment of Dark Elf warriors march along the floor of the valley below. Behind them lay the Witch King's massive Black Ark. Ahead, she was certain, lay victory.

With each day, more of Naggaroth's black legions poured into the mountains land that was home to some of the most despised High Elf leaders in history. This was the home province of Tethlis the Slayer and Caledor the Conqueror, and there were great shrines to both. Before her work here was done, Valensyl intended to visit those shrines. When she left, there be nothing left of them but rubble.

A tall warrior clad in black armor approached and stood at the Sorceresses side. When he spoke, his voice boomed from within his black helmet.

"I bring excellent news, Sorceress Furysworn. We have massacred a company of Shining Guard in the Ithalan passage. Those few who survived have taken refuge, but reinforcements are on the way. If we act swiftly, we can crush the last remaining vestiges of the enemy force. We must divert troops from the Sarathanan Vale to aid-

"No!" said the Sorceress angrily. "And do not presume to tell me what we must do, Tretian! have you forgotten that I speak with the voice of the Witch King? Would you tell him what he must do as well?"

The Black Guard did not respond right away. Though she could not see his face beneath the helm, the Sorceress did not doubt his eyes were filled with hatred for her. He was used to commanding, not taking orders.

"I... suggest... that we divert our forces from the Sarathanan Vale, before we lose the opportunity to finish the High Elves."

"And your suggestion is noted," answered Sorceress Furysworn dismissively. She had no intention of diverting her soldiers from the vale. The ancient Dragon bones that littered the ground there had drawn the Winds of Magic to that place, and she hadn't yet decided how best to make use of the potent arcane energies. If she could find a way to tap into that power, she would be strong, indeed.

"Go and tell your warriors to exterminate the High Elves, or the Witch King will here of their failure and be most displeased."

Tretian turned and walked away angrily. Next time, she told herself, I will be more gentle. Most of the soldiers were loyal to the Black Guard captain, and Malekith would not be there to save her if Tretian ran out of patience.

A good leader, the Sorceress reminded herself, knows when to spare the lash. Tretian was a handsome Dark Elf born of noble stock. Perhaps tonight, she would thank him for his loyal service and keep him wrapped around her finger just a bit longer.

After all, he still had his uses.

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