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Dark Elf Chapter 16
zone: Caledor

Dark Elf Chapter 16 Destruction Storyline

Rewards of Service

location: Drakeshadow, Caledor

npc: Velathor Lashstrider

zone: Caledor

Public Quest: The Fortress of Caledor

Public Quest: Loryndaal

Public Quest: Malyros' Rest

previous chapter is: Conqueror's Watch

next chapter is: Ultimate Control

Chapter Lore: The Dark Elf camp hummed with anticipation. Across the river lay the mountains of Caledor, and the infamous fortress of Imrik. The assault on Imrik's castle was to be their reward for House Uthorin's victory on Ulthuan. Uthorin warriors would be the ones responsible for the downfall of the greatest Dragon Prince in Caledor.

The location of the ancient fortress was fortuitous, for the Dark Elf army would be forced to take the Drakewind Passage into Dragonwake before launching their ships toward the Isle of the Dead.
The assault would also provide the Uthorin forces with an opportunity to test one of Malekith's gifts in battle.

Thalyn Marr strode through the camp, warriors and siege moving out of the way.

"Beastmaster, how is our prodigy today?"

Valthor Lashstrider bowed smoothly before the commander before gesturing to the nearby pen.

"Eager for battle my lord."

"Indeed," The wet sound of tearing meat came from the pen. "Leash her, Valthor. The beast will be useless to us if she feeds before battle."

Valthor Lashstrider ran his hand down the scaly neck of the hydra. A thunderous rumble came from within the massive chest as five pairs of reptilian eyes fastened upon the distant fortress.

"Soon, Fleshmonger. Soon you will feast upon the flesh of Imrik himself!"

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