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Dark Elf Chapter 17

Dark Elf Chapter 17 Destruction Storyline

Ultimate Control

location: Saruthil's Wake, Dragonwake

npc: Farna Chaosmoon

zone: Dragonwake

Public Quest: The Ritual of Light

Public Quest: The Ritual of Fire

Public Quest: The Ritual of Metal

Public Quest: The Ritual of Shadows

previous chapter is: Rewards of Service

next chapter is: Death of Dreams

Chapter Lore: Thalyn Marr smiled coldly at Norlieth Sarnath.

"Tell me, sorceress, what you hope to accomplish that my mighty House could not?"

The arrogant tone was well earned. Prince Imrik lay dead, his ancient fortress crumbled atop his broken corpse. The High Elves greatest weapons were destroyed, and beastmasters were now free to exert their wills over any slumbering dragons that remained in the Dragonspine mountains. House Uthorin had repayed Malekith's trust with victory. To the warriors marching under Thalyn Marr's command, Dark Elf control over Ulthuan was assured.

"I have been sent to ensure the Vortex-"

"Ah yes, the Isle of the Dead. My warriors prepare for the journey now." The sorceress's eyes narrowed.

"Thalyn Marr. Your house is high in Malekith's favor, and for that I am willing to overlook many things. But do not think you know all. You will have need of my sisters before long."

The Thornwood Convent hailed from Naggarond. Steeped in intrigue and trained beneath the watchful eye of Morathi herself, the Thornwood Sisters were Malekith's chosen instruments to ensure a Dark Elf victory at the Isle of the Dead. Sarnath had anticipated a certain difficulty in dealing with the upstart Uthorin commander, but could not take lasting action against him while his house was so firmly in favor. But once they were no longer protected by that royal embrace...

"Your warriors will die upon reaching the shores of the Isle if certain precautions are not taken."

The flawed magic that had given birth to vortex had also spread its life draining aura across the Isle of the Dead. Any who ventured there without the blessings of Isha would find themselves at the mercy of the untamed winds of magic.

"I am aware of this, sorceress. See? They prepare."

Uthorin warriors stood upon the rocky plateau, drenched in the blood of their victims. Bodies clogged the basin of a nearby fountain. The Dark Elves had watched their kin approach the sacred fountain, waiting until their absolutions were complete before slaughtering them where they stood. Now every member of the Uthorin army bore redstreaked face and armor. They were ready.

"As you are to join my army, you had best prepare. We march as soon as your own absolutions have been completed."

"Very good, my lord." Norlieth motioned to the small knot of sorceresses at her back. They bowed and circled the desecrated pool. As Norlieth dismounted, Thalyn continued.

"No doubt your sisters will perform some small service to justify this delay."

A small strike of power arced down, blasting into the chest of a High Elf corpse. Warm, red, wetness sprayed the gathered sorceresses.

"Thalyn Marr-" Norlieth crooned.

"Yes, sorceress?"

"You are a useful tool, but do not forget your place."

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