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Dark Elf Chapter 18

Dark Elf Chapter 18 Destruction Storyline

Death of Dreams

location: Taromir's Malice, Dragonwake

npc: Taromir Sarnath

zone: Dragonwake

Public Quest: Keeper's Vigil

Public Quest: Dragonwatch Falls

Public Quest: Galiron's Mouth

previous chapter is: Ultimate Control

next chapter is: Drakeslayer Hold

Chapter Lore: A cheer went up as the northern sky was lit with eldritch flames.

"The Isle of the Dead is ours, my lord."

Talomir narrowed his eyes in thought. "So it would seem. Glory to the Iron Throne."

"In Malekith's name." The servant bowed, exiting the command tent before Talomir's mood could change.

In truth, the campaign for control of Ulthuan had gone surprisingly well once the Arkaneth dogs had been brought to heel. Caledor had crumbled before the Uthorin army, and the Shining Guard warriors on the Isle of the Dead put up little more than a token defense against the invaders. It was a pity so many warriors had proven themselves too weak to survive, but those that remained were the best House Uthorin had to offer. They would serve their purpose before Lothern fell.

"My lord," a black-clad warrior knelt at Talomir's feet.

"Rise, Cirumis."

Rising to his feet, Cirumis kept his eyes averted as he spoke. "The shades assigned to the western patrols have returned. They report signs of Dragons."

Talomir sighed. The Beastmasters had become singularly fixed upon the notion of enslaving the sleeping beasts, and not without reason. Should such a beast be broken, those involved would rise high in Malekith's sight.

"Very well. Notify the Beastmasters, and send a regiment to investigate. I want the beast under control before it wakes."

Cirumis licked his lips, raising his eyes briefly before focusing once again the floor. "Perhaps my lord does not understand," the shaking warrior continued. "The Dragon is awake, and the largest of any yet seen."

"Summon Sharavin to me, Cirumis. Say not a word of what has just been spoken."

"Very good my lord." Cirumis glady hurried from the room.

"I understand you have need of me, my lord?" The Sorceress did not bow, wordlessly reminding Talomir of their equal rank in the eyes of Naggarond.

"My apologies, Sharavin. I merely wished to inquire as to your health, that of you and your sisters. Surely with the responsibility of securing the Vortex, you are all feeling some strain."

The Sorceress eyed Talomir warily before replying. "There are enough of us, my lord, to share the strain. We have proven ourselves equal to the task."

"That is reassuring to hear, Sharavin. Reassuring, indeed, though it does not explain why I was not informed of the decision to lapse the ancient wards over the Dragonspine mountains." Talomir noted the quickly-masked flash of surprise in Sorceress's eyes. "Your spells are failing, Sorceress. The Dragons are beginning to wake before they can be brought completely under our control. If we cannot acquire them under the proper circumstances, they will be useless to us. Do you understand?"

"The beasts cannot be broken, commander. You are wasting your time!" the Sorceress sputtered.

"That, Sharavin, is not your decision to make."

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