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Dark Elf Warcamp

Dark Elf Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Drakeslayer Hold

location: Drakeslayer Hold, Dragonwake

npc: Kaelys Firestar

zone: Dragonwake

Objective: Milaith's Memory

Objective: Mournfire's Approach

Objective: Pelgorath's Ember

Objective: Fireguard Spire


Objective: Covenant of Flame

Objective: Drakebreaker's Scourge

previous chapter is: Death of Dreams

next chapter is: Furnace of Caladain

Chapter Lore: With a mighty thrust, Koridrel Ebonshard drove his sword deep into the chest of the Shining Guard soldier who lay at his feet. As he withdrew his blade, the Dark Elf Highborn spat on the slain warrior's face.

All around him, other High Elves were meeting similar fates. The fools had been hopelessly outnumbered, but they had stayed and fought anyway. And for what? To defend a waterfall with an ancient stone nearby? Rumor held that this was a place of meditation and rest for the High Elves, and that the stone was older even that the history of the Elves. And so, when Ebonshard and his army had come across a band of Shining Guard warriors gathered by the stnoe, they had set upon the High Elves without mercy. Rather than fall back and await reinforcements, the fools had stood their ground to protect their old rock.

Ebonshard laughed. Honor and self-sacrifice were notions the Dark Elves had long since disposed of, for they were nothing but weaknesses. Today's slaughter had proven that amply enough.

Arcs of black lightning split the air and thunder boomed. Two more Shining Guard soldiers dropped to the ground, their corpses smoldering and their faces frozen in agony.

Ebonshard admired the two corpses, then turned to face their executioner.

"Nicely done, Uliel. Your powers seem amplified in this place."

"Perhaps that is why these worms were defending it," remarked the Sorceress as she surveyed the scene of the battle. She turned up her nose as she looked down upon the multitude of High Elf corpses.

"They reek. Let us burn them!"

"Not just yet." answered Ebonshard. 'We need their heads for the first siege volleys. Tell the others that tonight, we will establish a camp and then order the siege batteries to come forward. Tell them that the attack upon Lothern is about to begin, and that the Witch King is most pleased with their efforts."

The Sorceress nodded, and turned to gather the rest of the army.

In a matter of days, Reaper bolt throwers and their crews would stream into Eataine. The Beastmasters would come with their packs of Manticores, Hydras and Black Dragons, and the Temples of Khaine would send Witch Elves, Disciples and Assassins. All of the forces of House Uthorin would converge here and make preparations to strike the final blow against the hated High Elves.

All that remained now was to hold the province until the pieces were all in place, and then the city of Lothern would burn.

After countless millennia of war, the day of victory was, at last, nearly at hand.

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