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Dark Elf Chapter 19

Dark Elf Chapter 19 Destruction Storyline

Furnace of Caladain

location: Caladain's Furnace, Dragonwake

npc: Hyethan Baneblade

zone: Dragonwake

Public Quest: The Caladain Steppe

Public Quest: The Caladain Gate

Public Quest: Caladain's Furnace

previous chapter is: Drakeslayer Hold

next chapter is: Emerald Steppe

Chapter Lore: Dawn found the Dark Elf army marching south through Dragonwake. The long columns of Uthorin warriors preceeded a few vastly large shapes. Wyvern riders patrolled the route, silencing the scouts of the enemy. The army had been delayed, but that delay was more than worth the price. The thunderous shake of a Dragon's stride was testament to the iron will of the Uthorin Beastmasters. Soon the army would unite, striking out across the undefended Emerald Steppe.

"My lord! The emissary of Hellebron approaches." Gritting his teeth, Talomir dismounted. It would not do to greet this one from a position of authority.

"Commander Sarnath, we have been waiting." The eyes of the Witch Elf were dangerously blank.

"We are here. Where is your mistress?" As the maibd approached, all eyes were drawn to her lithe form. Mesmerizingly beautiful and deadly, like the god to which she had been sworn.

"Your warriors took too long playing with those beasts, and our mission in Dragonwake could not wait. Hellebron has sent me to instruct you."

"Your mistress is impatient. Once Malekith hears of her actions, she will be fed to the Hydras, piece by piece." The statement was punctuated by the wet hiss of steel. The maibd slumped forward, a surprised smile upon her face.

"My lord, if I may?" Kyrneoth Firebane stepped around the bloody corpse. "Hellebron is Malekith's to discipline. We must continue with our plan. Caladain's Furnace must be secured."

Talomir wiped the blood from his blade.

"How many of the Dragons are now under our control?"

"A mere handful, my lord. The armor stored at the furnace is vital to ensure they are properly outfitted for war."

"We have waited long enough to achieve mastery over these beasts. Put the broken ones at the head of our line. We shall see what our estranged kinsmen do when faced with their own creatures. The others must be destroyed."

Kyrneoth bowed. "As you wish."

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