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Dark Elf Chapter 20
zone: Eataine

Dark Elf Chapter 20 Destruction Storyline

Emerald Steppe

location: Honor's Scourge, Eataine

npc: Hellis Vileclaw

zone: Eataine

Public Quest: Senthoi Pool

Public Quest: Woodsong Manor

Public Quest: The Phoenix Eye

previous chapter is: Furnace of Caladain

next chapter is: Ebonhold Watch

Chapter Lore: Hathdror Lightslayer surveyed his army with satisfaction. The unified might of Naggaroth covered the plain with black armor and bristling steel. The sounds of warbeasts filled the air while siege crews secured the war machines for the march.

"Lord Lightslayer! House Uthorin has arrived."

The commander's eyes narrowed as the long column of Dark Elf troops filed into view. The Uthorin forces were late, and by the looks of things their defiance was twofold. Dragons accompanied the Uthorin troops, their wings blotting out the sun as they passed overhead. Tiny figures could be made out astride the massive shoulders. Hathdror curled his lip in disgust.

"This then must be the cause of Talomir's lateness. The arrogant fool."

After half a dozen failed attempts to successfully break an Ulthuan dragon, Malekith had ordered all efforts to cease until the completion of the campaign. Judging by the number of beasts accompanying his troops, Talomir had directly disobeyed that order. Of course he could always argue that the order had not been received... but the outcome would be the same. Ignorance was no defence against the will of the Witch King.

"Lord Lightslayer, I present to you the forces of House Uthorin. It will be an honor to make the final assault with you." Talomir Sarnath bowed.

"Rise, Talomir. House Uthorin has done great things for our King in this war. Word of your exploits in Dragonwake has preceded you." The Uthorin commander's eyes widened slightly, "Be thankful your success outweighs your disobedience. It wouldn't do to lose one's head."

Talomir swallowed audibly. Kohrith's head had never been found.

"I understand, my lord."

Hathdror's unrelenting gaze rested on the Uthorin commander for one moment more before turning skyward to where a pair of great wings wheeled overhead.

"Still, it would seem your delay was not without merit. You have won for us greater weapons than our estranged kin could ever imagine. We must think carefully on how they may be used. Walk with me, Talomir, and let us discuss these dragons of mine."

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