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Ebonhold Watch Warcamp
zone: Eataine

Dark Elf Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Ebonhold Watch

location: Ebonhold Watch, Eataine

npc: Terrikar Sylith

zone: Eataine

Objective: Senlathain Stand

Objective: Sarathanan Vale

Objective: Shrine of the Conqueror

Objective: Druchii Barracks

Objective: Hatred's Way

Objective: Wrath's Resolve

previous chapter is: Emerald Steppe

next chapter is: Blind Hatred

Chapter Lore: "Take that bridge, you unworthy cowards, or the Witch King will hear of your failure!"

The Witch Elf watched hopefully to see if her shrill screaming had motivated the soldiers, but it was no use. Korana Bloodmoon could spend all day shouting at the Dark Elf warriors under her command and nothing would change. The High Elves matched her troops blade-for-blade and for days now, the two sides had fought fiercely for control of the Radiant Span without either gaining an upper hand

Since the Span was the only bridge that crossed the large ravine dividing Dragonwake, it was crucial to control of the province. Both sides had thrown one assault after another against it, only to be pushed back. It seemed the Dark Elves' offensive had stalled, and Korana had been sent in to get things moving again.

It was time, she decided, for a change in tactics.

"That's enough! Fall back!" The soldiers' faces expressed both surprise and relief and they gave up the attack and returned to their defensive positions.

As she walked past the warriors who had most recently failed to take the bridge, she spat curses and insulted their honor their manhood at every turn. At length, she found one of her officers, a Beastmaster. he was flirting with one of the Sorceresses, and she pulled him away by his arm.

"Morelan, come. You mentioned a high tower not far from here?"

The Beastmaster wrenched his arm free of her grip and his eyes blazed angrily. In the blink of an eye, the Witch Elf had a knife in her hand, pointed just below his belt. "Try something, Morelan, I beg you. After that embarrassment at the bridge, I could use a bit of sport."

After thinking over his options for a moment, Morelan held up his hands in a defensive gesture. "Don't take it out on me, Korana. I've done everything you've asked of me. That failure does not bear my name."

"The tower!" she spat.

"Fireguard Spire, yes. The High Elves have been so focused on keeping us away from the Radiant Span, they have paid little attention to it."

The Witch Elf turned and looked upon the distant tower. "If we could take the tower, we could set up a battery of Reaper bolt throwers atop it. That might just give us the advantage we need at the span."

The Beastmaster nodded. "Yes, it would be just at the edge of their range, but I think it could work."

"Then go and see to it yourself, Morelan. Find warriors who are up to the task, and do it quickly,. I want that bridge!"

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