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Dark Elf Chapter 21
zone: Eataine

Dark Elf Chapter 21 Destruction Storyline

Blind Hatred

location: Lightslayer's Umbrage, Eataine

npc: Hathdror Lightslayer

zone: Eataine

Public Quest: Blind Justice

Public Quest: Dawnbreak Manor

Public Quest: Spirits of Eataine

previous chapter is: Ebonhold Watch

next chapter is: Last Stand

Chapter Lore: The archmage's eyes stared defiantly back at the Dark Elf commander as Hathdror repeatedly sunk his blade into the corpses chest. The outer defenses of the Phoenix Eye had fallen quickly, but the archmage charged with its protection had proven difficult to pin down.

Determined to keep the Phoenix Eye alight, Faliarin Eversight had guarded the tower's upper floors himself, continually unleashing massive bolts of energy upon the Dark Elf forces. But the archmage could not keep it up forever. Exhausted by the strain, Faliarin did not see the Dark Elf lord approaching from behind. It was to be his last mistake.

Within moments the fighting had stuttered to a close, but Hathdror remained locked in a fit of berserk rage.

The corpse beneath his blade took on the semblances of ancient High Elves as he repeatedly stabbed downwards, one by one killing them all. Their names echoed through his head, these arrogant upstarts who set the events in motion, who led his king to the sacred flame. They were the ones responsible for the scarring, for the poisoning of Bel Shannar. Not satisfied with the death of one Phoenix King, they maimed another. It was right and just that they be punished, these traitors to the crown. It was his duty to make them pay. Make them all pay.

Silence filled the battlefield, broken only by the repeated wet sounds of a Hathdror's madness. Word of successes began trickling in from the other battles while the sky overhead slowly darkened to night.

The red veil obscuring Hathdror's sight began to lift with the rising of the moon. A chill traced his cheek like the echo of a perfumed hand. The archmage's face shone clearly in the silver light.

"I... will... have your head!"

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